Why homemade baby formula is a bad idea

Why homemade baby formula is a bad idea

If you are having trouble finding infant formula for your child due to shortages across the country, do so Not Turn to home-made recipes, warns an expert.

Even the best of intentions can have devastating results, said Dr. Diane Calello, a pediatrician and director of the New Jersey Poison Control Center based at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark.

“Although it may seem safe to use alternatives or make them at home Equation To feed your child, it can be extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening,” she warned in a press release.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported three children treated in emergency rooms for low calcium levels and rickets in vitamin D-deficient children after being fed homemade formula. Babies who are fed a water-diluted formula also run the risk of electrolyte imbalances and brain swelling.

Calello outlines what not to feed babies and safe formula alternatives.

Rice drinks, goat’s milk, almond milk, cow’s milk, protein shakes, and formula or water-diluted milk can all lead to severe nutritional deficiencies in infants because they lack the essential nutrients that babies need at every meal.

She also warned against feeding children honey.

Calello said honey and products like graham crackers or cereals that contain honey as an ingredient are also nutritionally deficiencies and may cause a serious type of food poisoning called botulism in babies younger than 12 months old.

If you can’t get regular formula milk for your baby, talk to your pediatrician for advice Safest options available for your child, especially if your child has special health needs.

Government agencies offered Formula Finding Resourcespioneer media outlets publish regularly Updates about the crisis situation.

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggest checking convenience stores and drug stores for formula, purchasing formula online from well-known distributors and checking local social media groups dedicated to the issue.

If it is impossible to find baby milkInfant formula — while not recommended for infants — can be used for a few days if the infant is close to 12 months old, according to the AAP.

She also says full-term babies can be fed infant formula made for premature infants for a few weeks if necessary. In an absolute emergency, Soy milk Fortified with protein and calcium may be an option for a few days for children approaching one year of age. If you’re using a substitute, be sure to get back into the formula as soon as you can get some, advises the AAP.

The US Food and Drug Administration is considering rapid approval of some imported formulations, but it is not currently safe to purchase them.

Many formulations sold in Europe contain sufficient nutrients, but must be imported under certain conditions safety measuressuch as maintaining the correct temperature.

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To learn more about formula feeding, go to American Academy of Pediatrics.

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