Who stays and goes and who can arrive?

It wasn’t until June that the Pittsburgh Penguins might not have finished all of their internal reviews and organizational meetings. Making predictions and forecasts at this point is like trying to guess the weather next Thursday, but there are plenty of arrows pointing to specific trends.

We will be back again in September to see how we did.

I learn a little fact during Ron Hextal’s tenure: He’s not quick to act, no, but he’s subtle. Jeff Carter and Ricard Raquel were smart. He also corrected the Penguins’ Blue Line with a pair of Depth Men, Chad Rohwedel and Mark Friedman. Both of them outgrew their roles.

I know fans want Jim Rutherford-level action and chatter, along with Jim Rutherford’s 2015-16 level of success. With the GMJR home a year old, he’s starting to swing and miss in 2018. Remember Tanner Pearson, Jack Johnson, Derek Brassard?

So, hyperactivity cuts both ways. However, Hextall has a few opportunities to transfer contracts to save money and cash in on deals.

5 Pittsburgh Penguin Predictions:

5. Malkin meets penguins more than halfway.

Yevgeny Malkin He said, “I’m ready both ways.” The truth is that he has had more than a few opportunities in his career to go elsewhere. Sure, maybe his rock star wife would prefer another city? Perhaps he would prefer a team with a few Russians or a larger Russian community? But he chose to stay in Pittsburgh.

Can penguins improve with the fastest and most linear second line position? likely. Vincent Trochek, a native of Pittsburgh, comes to mind. But if I had to bet – and I’m not sure – Malkin would choose to stay.

He is not aging well. It’s an injury to his toe from completing the song Hands-Shoulders-Knees and Toes! Knee and toes!

If it wasn’t for Evgeny Malkin, this would be an easy class, but…

Expect 5A: Sign about $7 million, but maybe only two seasons?

4. Chris Letang Bolts

I strongly thought in the camp that Ron Hextal should pay others to pay for Chris Letang. There are few, if any, options available. Jeff Petri? Colin Miller? The slope is steep, regardless of the message boards, including the one below (geez, some of you are stubborn and unhappy!).

Letang wears his heart on his sleeve. wants to stay. Penguins couldn’t do better.

However, in a reflection from above, this player will leave. Letang also needs to feel respected. He is a pioneer in rheumatic cardiology. In this market, he is the holder of the number one position in red cardiology. Put back near the top of the men’s defense record. He finished sixth with 68 points (10-58-68), behind stars such as Roman Josi, Adam Fox, Cal Makar, Victor Hedman and John Carlson.

This is the company that Letang maintains. None of them will sign a $5 million contract either.

Excuse me from hating Letang. When hockey players start saying it, I’ll listen.

Prediction 4a: He’ll make $9 million for four seasons, somewhere.

4b: Petrie is the odds-on to replace Letang if he leaves. Also, see Filip Hronek at the NHL Trademark.

3. Hextall reinstalls the sixth middle

In successive seasons, the Pittsburgh Penguins outnumbered their opponent, but they fell victim in part to a lack of physical presence. In this case, physicality will be defined in different ways. Against the islanders of New York, the penguins didn’t win enough of pure fights and had a hard time fighting through obstruction. Against the Rangers, they didn’t have anyone pressing Missor Lindgren’s shoulder or Troppa to politely ask that they stop throwing elbows with intent to get injured, or else Adam Fox would suffer the same fate.

Penguins need a little muscle.

This is another reason why I think it’s inappropriate at best if Kasperi Cabanen and Danton Heinen come back. Heinen is tender and can be expensive. The penguins need more deception to respond when things go sideways when teams get too physical or take vinegar from the other team when the penguins are in the lead.

Prediction 3a: Cabanen’s rights have some value. Look for those that will be discussed in the NHL trade market, especially as the draft approaches.

2. The penguins get a new backup

About Casey Desmith his miserable season. He was good in the second half. But his reign in star-crossed penguins may be over. He bought a house in Pittsburgh because the support was due three years ago. He was then surpassed by Tristan Gary and Matt Murray, and DeSmith had to spend a season with WBS Penguins.

Last season, DeSmith was sorely needed in the playoffs but he wasn’t available.

This season, DeSmith was badly needed in the playoffs but he wasn’t available.

Bad luck, yes. Tristan Gary showed he’s the man. Playing on that broken foot in Game 7 was amazing. If the Penguins win that match, he’s a legend. Gary has looked physically different this season. He stood taller on top of the ice and away from it. occur differently. He is “the man”.

Penguins need a reliable backup.

Prediction 2a: There is no chance in Hell It’s Marc-Andre Fleury. no one.

1. The penguins will get better

Call it intuition. Hextall has a chance to remake the team without discrediting it. Here’s his big chance. I think everyone would like to bring back Ricard Raquel, but the status of his contract may not be clarified until the Penguins have more clarity as to which is the biggest.

But the wide-open crew of strikers can be used to re-establish the identity of the Pittsburgh Penguins, regardless of what Hextall and Mike Sullivan think.

No, I don’t think most of the WBS Penguins crew are actually in the mix. Radim Zohorna’s story was a nice one for a while and it made me think about his roof, but it didn’t work after his adaptation period ended. Drew O’Connor is a nice fourth player, but he’s not a great penalty kick killer, which makes him a bubble shooter.

There is another bunch of Penguins horizons From WBS, which Hextall specifically mentioned last week. There is always hope for sale, especially in Pittsburgh, where potential clients are a fair-haired beauty without baggage. But don’t buy too much.

The long-term prognosis for Jason Zucker is hazy. He made a note on the day of the breakup when he said the doctors were trying to figure out what would happen next. I keep watching my email for an update from the penguins that he’s had surgery.

A healthy Zucker would be a blessing. The injured Zucker provides more capital. The penguins have about $23.2 million to spend, not counting any leaving salaries or long-term injury designations.

All this mystery and need create a huge opportunity for Hextall. There will be a lot of shopping deals. Some granules. jam. Some hands – Heinen might come back if the penguins can add other missing pieces.

Must have fun out of season. There is no need for secondary prediction for it.

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