What will Mane Sadio’s replacement look like?

Liverpool It has been a huge success over the past five years thanks to a team full of great players. The person who really launched the revolution under Jürgen Klopp is undoubtedly Sadio Mane. The dangerous Senegalese man quickly went from very good to a legitimate world level after joining Southampton. Fast with his feet and his mind, he has apparently formed a telepathic relationship with his attacking partners Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah. His phenomenal speed was only shown by his phenomenal work rate. His quiet calm belied the fierce rival that he is.

Now, unfortunately, it seems inevitable that Mane will leave Liverpool after six years with the club. He has reportedly told the club that he would like to move this season to Liverpool They put 50 million euros Card price. Bayern Munich looks a lot in the driver’s seatHowever, it is believed that Liverpool told the German club that any move depends on finding an alternative first. Now the question becomes, what do Julian Ward and Liverpool think in terms of the replacement?

Mane has spent most of his career with the Reds on the left wing, earning a living by driving on the wing and storming into the penalty area. More and more over the past two seasons, however, we’ve seen Mane play in the middle, and he was deployed almost exclusively to a central role in the second half of last season.

So, are Liverpool looking for a wide striker, a central striker or someone who can do it all? Luis Diaz has featured a lot on the left wing since signing with Liverpool in the winter, and he appears to be holding the position at this point. He’s not the same player as Sadio Mane on the left at this point, but he has the potential to evolve into a special player in his own right.

Meanwhile, the club also featured Diogo Jota who was played through the middle as well as the left flank. The Portuguese striker is an entirely different player than either Mane or Diaz, as he is at his best when he can turn half-spaces in the penalty area to find the finishing touches at the end of the move. He’ll certainly go deeper and intrusive at times, and he’s shown a penchant for a defensive split pass despite the narrative to the contrary, but he’s not likely to be a regular outlet, either with his back to goal or in a running back.

With these two players, along with veteran Roberto Firmino and youngster Fabio Carvalho, it will be very exciting to see the type of player Julian Ward and Liverpool are looking for a replacement for Mane. Are they recruiting the likes of Diaz or Jota, or are they looking for a veteran to help fill the minutes and allow these two to try to take their positions? Do they go with a pure wide striker or a central striker, or do they try to find someone with the same prowess as Mane?

There are a lot of names to come up with, but there is only one person who comes close to touching the versatility, dynamism and drive of the Mané – Christopher Nkunku of RB Leipzig. The 24-year-old has made a huge leap in production this season, scoring 20 goals and adding 13 assists in the Bundesliga, while scoring 7 goals and making one in the Champions League. Widely considered one of the best young players in the world, he is already linked to all the top teams across Europe, as well as Manchester United.

Darwin Nunez is a player who has been linked with Liverpool throughout the spring and is a name that many Liverpool fans have been excited about, especially after his impressive display against the Reds for Benfica in Champions League. While Nunez scored a lot of goals this past season, deployed through the attacking position as well as a wide striker on the left, he will need to finish his game to fit Liverpool’s style, or to adjust their tactics again to get the best out of Nunez.

There will likely be other names to be linked in the coming weeks, with the likes of Ousmane Dembele, Robert Lewandowski and a host of other players frequently thrown out of reality (we’re looking at you, Harry Kane). Where Liverpool heads with a potential replacement for Mane will be interesting as it could point to Jurgen Klopp’s next tactical development.

Regardless of who is brought in (assuming someone is), everyone who is tasked with the roles of Sadio Mane will have some huge shoes to fill.