What Star Wars characters will be the central hero and villain in a common world?

Last week he was adding to star Wars Celebrating 2022, and with it came a slew of new information about both the existing and new brand star Wars Content. From release dates and teasers to both The Mandalorian season 3 and Ahsoka To new trailers for the next show AndorAnd the bad batch season 2 and Star Wars: Jedi Survivorto reveal a new show from Disney +, Star Wars: Skeleton CrewIt sure feels like a good time to be star Wars admirer.

With all these shows and games coming, however, and knowing how Disney seems to be doing in recent years, one can’t help but wonder if there’s a bigger game being played here. After all, even before the MCU, star Wars It’s been creating its own expanded world of characters, and thanks to the success of the Marvel movies, Disney may be applying some of the magic of continuity to a galaxy. star Wars. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that this is the case, considering the condition of others star Wars Offers I’ve done in the past.

Today’s movie

If there’s a bigger plan in the works here, one can’t help but wonder exactly where it’s leading and, more importantly, what ties all the Disney+ shows together. Of course, there is plenty of room for speculation as to where all of this might happen, and time will surely tell how that happens in the end. But as to what links these Disney+ shows, it has already been revealed if one knows where to look.

While all of the current and upcoming Disney+ shows take place in the corners of the galaxy and follow very different sets of characters, the threads that connect them are all there, even in Obi-Wan Kenobi. If one wants to speculate what kind of Avengers-style crossover inevitably in the works for star Warsthe threads connecting them might provide a better, if only, explanation that we will have at the moment.

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Common world: the hero

One of the first things a common universe needs is a central main character to build upon. The audience will follow that character’s journey through the world in which they live. In the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that character was Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, as he was the character that the MCU began with and later ended (Infinity Epic at least). Inside the Disney + Shared Galaxy star Wars Universe, this character appears to be Din Djarin, aka The Mandalorian.

It started with him as Tony Stark. More important than Dean Garen, however, is the series’ secondary main character, the oddly lovable Grogu, who, despite his young age, has a lifespan that extends well before Skywalker Saga It began and will undoubtedly continue long after the death of all the other characters. as such boba fett book It showed (to the chagrin of many), that Disney isn’t averse to showing Grogu’s ongoing story in a series that isn’t The Mandalorian. whether it is in Ahsoka or even AndorIt’s quite possible that fans haven’t seen another Grogu.

Common world: villain

The second and perhaps most important thing that a common world of characters needs to work on is the central villain or threat that the characters can unite to fight. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that threat was Thanos, whose existence literally threatened half of the entire universe. However, within a galaxy star WarsWhile most casual fans are quick to assume that the main threat is the galactic empire, it is important to remember this during the time when The Mandalorian Most of the Disney+ shows take place. The Galactic Empire has already been defeated and is now a shadow of what it used to be, and most importantly it has no central command. Or is it?

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In season 2, episode 5 of The Mandalorianthe same episode in which Ahsoka Tano was introduced, Ahsoka dropped the name “Grand Admiral Thrawn”, undoubtedly causing chills to go down the spines of every star Wars admirer. If Admiral Thrawn was still alive after defeating him at the end Star Wars: RebelsHe’s almost certainly the type of villain that will unite all these different personalities.

Members Star Wars: Rebels and the original Star Wars Legends It can confirm that apart from Darth Vader and Emperor Palatine themselves, the Grand Admiral is the most dangerous villain of all within a galaxy star Wars. Rather, it can be said that it exists in the original star Wars A trilogy that will lead to a completely different ending. Thrun is so well versed in the art of war (and art in general) that he nearly destroyed the rebellion before it could begin. He was barely defeated by Ezra Bridger and other characters from Star Wars: Rebels in the end. Without Vader, Palpatine, and even Kylo Ren, then star Wars Needing a villain, Grand Admiral Thrawn is almost certainly the one to fill the role.