What has changed versus remained the same for Bills’ violation under the supervision of a new coordinator? – Buffalo Bills Blog

Buffalo, NY – The placement of the Buffalo bills was terrible. 24-3 fell to Tom BradyAt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Bills were deposited into the locker room in the first half after it appeared nothing was going right on the offense.

“I think the thing we put ourselves into is pretending that what we’re doing is a secret thing,” center Mitch Morse He said after the match. “Everyone on the same page, even if it’s wrong, is better than four people doing the right thing and one person doing something off topic.”

The Bills are back on the field at Raymond James Stadium on the same page, and it was like an inverted switch. quarterback Josh Allendespite suffering a left foot sprain, he coordinated 21 points with the emergence of the unstoppable attack.

While the bills came short in overtime, the second half of Week 14 marked the beginning of a solid stretch of offensive performances. The team averaged 32.9 points and 412.1 yards per game for the remainder of the season (including the playoffs), both second most in the NFL to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“It was definitely a turning point and it kind of made us realize we just needed to change gears and really put the pedal in the metal,” he said. Dawson Knox He said during the mandatory small camp for the team. “It’s time from there.”

With a front-loaded schedule in 2022 that includes five playoffs from last year in the first seven games, the Bills need to extend their offensive success into the late 2021 season. But offense has changed, starting with first-time offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey taking over to Brian Daboll. . While Dorsey will add new wrinkles, there should be consistency from previous years based on his experience with the system. Dorsey has been Allen’s coach at QB for the past three seasons.

“Whenever I bring a new person [from outside the organization at offensive coordinator]You’re not just talking about new plays, but about new terms, new words and [we] “We didn’t really want to get into that, if we could have avoided it, because of Josh in particular among the rest of the core that was already intact here,” said coach Shawn McDermott.

But Allen will have to get used to someone else calling the plays after leaving Daboll to become the head coach of the New York Giants. Daboll was Allen’s offensive coordinator for his first four seasons in the NFL.

Allen said, “Obviously it’s going to be different. It’s a different sound in headphone. It’s a different mind that calls for plays. Verbility is still the same, protection is still the same. Obviously we’ve swapped out a few things here and there with concepts and thought processes and things from like that.”

The changes to the crime begin with a variety of weapons for Allen to work with. Bills signed end court Oh J. Howard (Pirate) and a broad future Jamison Crowder (New York Jets) and its drafting is running backward James Cook and wide receiver Khalil Shaker. They’re working to make offense more diverse and allow for more creativity in how players use Allen’s support. During casual team drills, returning players sometimes line up at new locations and walk different paths to mix up what the offense can do and create better confrontations.

Last year’s roster didn’t include a solid backup, which limited some of the game calls and packages they could run. Adding Howard should change that.

Knox said, “There’s going to be a lot of variety in this attack now, 12 and 13 guys. Bring us in, run the ball, distribute, and have good head-to-heads.”

Knox (6-foot-4, 254 pounds) has worked on his credibility as a passing pro during his career and has become a favorite target for Allen, but Howard (6-6, 251) brings extra size and length to the job.

“[Howard] It makes you feel small. “This guy is huge,” Knox said. “He’s got a great hunting range, goes good trails, and he’s strong, too.”

Crowder, a seven-year veteran, will compete with speed Isaiah Mackenzie for that receiver slot position Cole Beasley occupied last season. The cook should bring a reliable pass into the back jog position. During his college career in Georgia, he averaged over 10 yards after the catch per reception.

“We have guys all over the field who can put in some plays now,” Allen said. “And if you look at the depth from the runs to the tight ends to the receivers, and the players have just shown they’ve played in the league before. And we have some newbies who come in and keep improving and impressing these coaches.”

While the Bills offense will have different components thanks to the new additions, it won’t give up on what has worked in the past and has been successful.

“We have the core of what our philosophy is based on and what we’ve been successful in,” Dorsey said. “But at the same time, you have to be able to evolve in this game. You have to be able to do a few different things to keep the defenses in balance and force them to respond to you and not your reaction to them.”