‘We’re wasting time’ if Georgia men’s basketball isn’t scrambling for the national title

When Mike White Named the new Georgia men’s basketball coach, he took over the moribund Bulldogs program in hopes of turning a corner with an experienced coach at SEC. Much has changed during White’s first two months in Athens, and the former Florida coach has made it clear that he is striving to achieve excellence in his new role.

White addressed the UGA Athletic Association board on Thursday as the board began its first two meetings at Lake Oconee. White outlined what his Georgia tenure was like, what the team has accomplished so far and what he wants to do on the road with the Bulldogs.

White explained to the board that Georgia had assembled a “first-rate staff” around White, including two of White’s former aides in Florida – Akeem Maskdin And the Eric Pastrana – Together with Clemson’s former assistant Antonio Reynolds Dean. White also highlighted the appointment of a former Georgia basketball player Charles Mann As a recruiting manager.

In addition, White referred to the additions Georgia made to her roster, which included the signature of a four-star power forward KyeRon Lindsayadding six players from the transfer gate and keeping two Bulldogs briefly entering the gate.

“[We] Like what we did with our list. We’ll defend, we’ll bounce back at a very high level. We’ll play with a high level of accountability and a high level of culture. We’ll do outside work, we’ll prepare outside, we’ll explore, we’ll develop our competition,” White said.

On recruiting, White told the board of directors that the staff would hire Georgia state very hard and recruit the city of Atlanta “extremely hard.” However, White emphasized that the most important aspect of hiring is getting the right people who match the culture and want to be in Georgia.

White made it clear that development is an essential part of any program he’s responsible for, and he makes that a priority with Bulldogs. He explained that staff use a plan they call GPS (Georgia’s plan for success) to develop leaders on and off the field, and added that his team’s goal is to go to bed every night knowing they’re doing their best. for youth development.

“Our standard in the men’s basketball program will still be our best version, right? The best version of each of these guys individually, that’s the standard,” White said. If we hit it on Tuesday in practice, we’ll try to hit it again on Wednesday. And if we don’t, we’ll talk about it. We will be transparent about it. We’re going to make real relationships within our show, okay? “

White said the goals in Georgia are the same goals he’s chased in the past seven years in Florida – although White avoided saying the word “Florida,” which drew laughter from the audience – and explained that it boils down to a daily growth target and a seasonal target for maxing out. .

Regarding the program’s goal, White didn’t hesitate when he made it clear that it was about chasing championships.

“If we go over the limit, we give ourselves a chance, right, as a program to reach the ultimate goal of the program, right?” White said. “We have a daily goal, we have a seasonal goal and the program goal is to do what football has just done and what other sports are doing on our campus, and that is winning a national championship. If we don’t do that we strive to achieve that at the University of Georgia, we are wasting time.”

White ended his time in front of the board members by telling them that the men’s basketball program needed to support them in terms of facilities – which White recognized as essential to every sport – academic support and in-game support in the form of board members attending games and cheering for the team.

White left shortly after speaking to the crowd, having earlier explained that he was in the midst of moving his family from Gainesville, Florida to Athens, and back south to spend time with them.

White and his staff are working hard to rebuild Georgia’s roster responsible for just six wins in 2021-22 in hopes of taking concrete steps forward in the first year. It’s still early days in White’s tenure with the Bulldogs, but sporting director Josh Brooks said on Friday he liked what White had brought to the table so far.

“She was exceptional,” said Brooks. “First of all, he is a great man and a great leader, a great person who will represent this university with class and integrity in everything he does.” “But the work he’s done in terms of getting student-athletes to stay here, right? Those he mentioned, then going out and recruiting kids into the gate, recruiting high school kids, building that fallback roster right away was impressive. And he did it the right way. All The interaction we had with him was fantastic. Every hope we got, he was and more. We are excited to start his show.”