Tucker Carlson criticizes BTS’ visit to the White House. Fatal error

Tucker Carlson has awakened the sleeping giant, the BTS army.

On Tuesday, a Fox News commentator made sordid comments about President Biden’s call for South Korean pop group to the White Houseto the provocation of influential K-pop fans, who returned it to right-wing critics.

“Things have gotten really bad for Joe Biden, both in front of the audience and internally. What are they doing about him? Well, they broke the glass in an emergency and invited a K-pop band to speak at the White House today,” Carlson said on cable network opinion show Tucker Carlson. Tonight”.

The “Butter” singers gave remarks in the White House press briefing room Tuesday before meeting with Biden to discuss Asian representation, integration and anti-Asia hate crimes. The visit culminated with the support of the administration Asian American and Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander Heritage month. But Carlson seems to have missed these details.

“Yes, so we have a K-pop group to discuss hate crimes against Asians in the US. Yes. He said.” Yes, they hate the country and are trying to weaken it. …and it works. ”

The band’s meeting with the president was closed to the press but Biden chirp On the subject afterwards, he wrote: “Nice to meet you, bts_big hit . Thank you for everything you are doing to raise awareness about the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination. I look forward to sharing more of our conversation soon. BTS thanked the BTS Army for making the meeting happen.

Soon, Carlson gets a lesson in the power of a passionate fan base Flooded his Twitter feed with responses, brass memes Little, like Puritans are used to doing When a topic sparks their interest.

“Not dear Mr. Carlson, please don’t think that we are unable to hear your anger and disgust, when people try to make a change for the better. And yes, BTS do. With honesty, love, respect and mercy.” A fan replied in response to all of these things that you should look out for. in the dictionary Video clip The host chirped.

“So the most powerful band in the world is talking about Asian hate, because their words really make a difference and that’s bad? But you work for Fox and you support Trump and what’s the savior of America? You’re what’s wrong with the US. Stop hating BTS.” #BTSatTheWhiteHouse #BTSARMYreplied Another fan.

“I may not like Biden very much either but I hope you weren’t cynical when I said ‘Good job guys’ because they [BTS] Equality has been posted since 2017. Whether WH uses it for leverage, I don’t care. As long as they can spread the message! ” Wrote different fan.

Another army member replied with picture This message reads: “To whom it may concern, we are currently in a closed mode for BTS and therefore will not be offering any distractions or distractions from you. Please contact us 72 hours after returning for further inquiries. Regards, Army.”

BTS Jungkook’s new tattoo is a lot [more] Interesting from your opinion Mr. Carlson, “different tweet He said, to which he replied, “Well to be fair, anything JK does is more interesting than this guy.”

“Tucker usually agree with you. However, please look at BTS a little more. They write their own songs on topics related to depression, not suicide, loving yourself and accepting others. Topics our young people need to set an example for. They gather around their positivity,” Wrote A fan of Carlson and BTS.

“BTS has to deal with a lot of hate around the world bc of their race. Another added Twitter user.

Carlson’s critics welcomed the comment. Here’s a look at what some of them said: