Tillian Pearson on hiatus from Gavin Dance’s dance amid allegations of misconduct – Billboard

gavin dance dance It was announced on Friday (June 3) that singer Tillian Pearson is leaving the rock band to “seek professional help” following recent sexual misconduct allegations.

The statement was shared on Instagram: “The recent allegations against Tilian are something we take very seriously, and we have been in a deep discussion about the appropriate action.” “Effective immediately, Tillian will walk away from the band to seek professional help.”



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The statement added that the rest of the band members will continue to perform on their scheduled tour dates this summer, and will also release their album. Jackpot juicer on July 29 As planned. “We’ve all worked incredibly hard on this album, which is also Tim’s last recorded body of work – we want to make sure we give him the full attention he deserves in honoring his legacy.”

Tim Ferrick is longtime bassist for Gavin Dance’s dance, He passed away in April With no direct cause of death.

“We know this is a very disturbing situation and an effort for all those affected, and we are asking people to be as understanding as possible while everyone is working on this,” Gavin Dance concluded in the statement. “We always appreciate you.”

On June 1, a Reddit user shared a detailed account of her alleged interactions with Pearson that led to her performing Dance Gavin Dance at SwanFest in Sacramento, California, on April 23. The woman claims that she contacted Pearson through a direct message on Instagram. , which she sent while she was “definitely under the influence of something”.

The two then exchanged numbers, according to her account, and agreed to meet on a “date” three days before the festival. She said that she and Pearson had drunk alcohol before returning to the singer’s residence.

ā€œI knew he was very drunk and having a very stressful time, so I helped him get through it, and I was really happy to do it. I felt comfortable enough now to finish what I started, but at one point this guy decided to slap me straight in the face,ā€ she claimed . “Obviously she was just trying to be sexy~ but it ended up really hurting. She voiced this like, ‘Hey, ah. That’s cool and all but can you ask next time, maybe you don’t do it that hard?” He hesitated for a second, then did it again. I mean. Hard enough to get rid of my reputation and make me faint for a few seconds – it wasn’t cool.ā€

After SwanFest, the woman said she and Pearson kept in touch, and at one point, the singer urged her to meet him at his AirBnB while he was drunk. She later claimed that Pearson made the woman feel physically uncomfortable.

“He wasn’t going to say anything, he just grabbed me and brought me back,” she claimed in her post. “It hurts physically. It wasn’t OK, and I announced that he wasn’t… After all, I didn’t really want to spend the night with him, but he insisted. He’s getting into this weird ‘snuggle’ position and Iā€¦ legitimately couldn’t move.” I started to get a little startled and tried to tell him I should leave, but again. He wouldn’t let me. He kept insisting that I stay with him all night, and he wouldn’t let me go.”

Pearson denied the allegations in his Reddit post, which has since been deleted but shared laudwire, Saying that he was “extremely weak” during the alleged encounter, and that “every sexual act was purely consensual.”

He wrote: “I take the issue of sexual assault very seriously, and I want to firmly reiterate that there has never been a moment for anything that was not consensual to happen.” “I understand that in a new sexual relationship there is a period to determine each other’s preferences, but there is no doubt that our physical contact crosses the border into anything like assault.”