TikToker video about lack of government aid sparks controversy

The cost of living in the US has skyrocketed due to a perfect storm of global business wealth redistribution affected by COVID-19 sanctions, inflation and the rising cost of real estate ownership and rental/rent rates.

It was easier to buy a house during The Great Depression than it was in 2022. The Biden administration miscalculation series It also failed to reduce the rate of inflation, which is outpacing the average salary increases that many retailers implement in order to finish The ‘labor shortage’ that occurred in the wake of the pandemic.

a growing number of Americans need a side hustle, They don’t have savings, but to make sure they can pay their bills and stay afloat. In fact, 64% of American citizens report that they live salary to salaryLosing one payment period will set them back financially, requiring them to either take out more work or take out a loan to maintain their current standard of living.

And that “standard of living” is not a level of luxury and excess, but rather one that covers only the basics of where to live, food to eat and bills to pay – something TikToker (@userdddiamondmonae) expressed in an emotional clip circulating on social media platforms.

Tweet embed Thank you for allowing me to vent. #fyp #ReadyForHell # Adjust ♬ Emotional epic – AShamaluevMusic

In a comment to the post, she wrote, “Thanks for letting me vent,” and over a text overlay read: “I totally understand why people aren’t impressed that this is pointless.”

In her video, the creator shares her frustration with the lack of financial assistance available to her.

“I’m tired of this bullshit,” she says in the clip. Like I’m so sick of this bullshit. I really hate that if you don’t have kids or a disability or you’re in the military or any of those things you won’t get help. You don’t get any help, you don’t get anything like it’s frustrating oh Brother. “

She goes on to say that in addition to working in a job (or several, as she does) that can barely make the bills, dealing with depression and anxiety can make things more difficult.

“I try so hard, I try so hard to stay positive… like daring,” she continues. “I do a lot, I do my best, I work as much as I can. Several jobs. I try to pay my bills on time every time but I can’t.”

TikToker urges that despite its large number of hours, it still struggles to afford the basic necessities. “For some reason, I can’t stay ahead,” she says. “It’s always something that doesn’t get pushed and something gets messed up because I can only do so much.”

She claims to have applied for government assistance multiple times for a variety of programs, including those that help with electricity bills and public transportation costs. However, she claims that she was deprived each time, believing that she was a single woman.

“Brother,” she says, “I have been deprived of every single one.” “Every time. And I know it’s because I’m a single woman and I don’t have anything else. No kids, no disability, no navy, no army, and none of that bullshit behind me.”

TikToker says it doesn’t know what else it can do to get some financial stability.

“I’m already working like a slave,” she says. “Like, it’s really set up for you to lose. Like you’re really set up for you to fail, and I hate America, that shit is so bad.”

Her video garnered over 100,000 views, and other people added their frustration in the comments.

“I was there. As if they had punished us for making different choices,” one viewer wrote.

“Girl you are not alone! I have 3 jobs and honestly feel like I live every month. Another added.

“You are not alone. A third said.

However, many parents disputed her argument that help was out of reach because she is single and has no children.

“Bruhhhhhhhh! I have five kids, but because I make $200 off the limit, I don’t qualify for anything! So I’m dealing with braiding!” one viewer commented.

“I have two kids I don’t have any help with. I earn ‘a lot’ because they use an income scheme from the ’90s,”

One user argued that most low-income adults need a partner, because the cost of living is too large for a single wage. They said, “It is a setting where you have to love with someone to share the bills because the wages they pay are not enough.”

Statistically speaking, many people are echoing the sentiments of @dddiamondmonae. Studies only indicate that 19% of Americans They think they make enough money despite the amount they work.

With the rate at which the economy is going, many believe that The United States is heading for another recession.

But that hasn’t stopped people from wondering, what is the real reason for this huge income disparity? many Research analysts pointed to corporate lobbyists Fattening the governor of government leaders and their own interests as a major cause of massive wealth gaps, the destruction of the middle class, and the increasing difficulty in citizens’ ability to become homeowners.

Others also described it as unfair for banking and big corporations like airlines to get private citizens’ tax dollars in bailouts, while leaving financial aid, student loan forgiveness and/or universal health care programs by the wayside. Airlines, for example, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic played quickly and loosely With their finances in stock buyback programs, only to have their profits destroyed by the pandemic. they were Gave a lifeline thanks to funds from the federal government collected by taxpayers.

Companies have been criticized for not paying their “fair share” of taxes for years, with many large corporations American companies support many of their operations abroad In countries like Ireland to avoid paying US tax rates.

The Daily Dot reached out to @dddiamondmonae for more feedback on TikTok.

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*First Published: June 5, 2022, 4:20 PM CST

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