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Tides for Bugatti
(All images provided by TIDAL Audio) – Shown above is TIDAL for Duotone’s Bugatti Royale.

What is Tidal Bugatti?

That was the big question for us Part-time audiophiles When we first heard that TIDAL Audio of Germany will come out with a file new line, TIDAL for Bugatti, inspired by the legendary automobile brand. Would music lovers buy this? Or will these products be primarily purchased by consumers who already have a Chiron and Veyron in their climate-controlled garage?

Of course, Jorn Janczak of TIDAL Audio has a more precise answer. TIDAL for Bugatti is not just a TIDAL speaker with the classic EB logo. It’s a major advance in speaker design, with new technologies and new styles, all based on Jorn’s insistence that these products are “all I know, all I love.” In other words, Bugatti drivers might walk around their headquarters, watch TIDAL’s Bugatti speakers on the showroom floor, and say “Yeah, I’ll take those too.” Audio enthusiasts, however, will be treated to a speaker (and system) design that handles every detail imaginable, right down to the custom hardware and stabilizers. They will buy TIDAL for the Bugatti system because of the performance.

As Jorn explained, most of the initial product was run he is A go-to for hardcore music lovers. There is the answer there. He didn’t design these speakers for the world of opulence – he simply wanted to keep pushing the envelope and producing the best speaker he could. (Note that these new speakers are more compact in size than the current flagship, La Assoluta. Despite this, Jorn explained that this design has a higher density than the latest solutions.) When he looked at the Bugatti and understood how it was done he wondered what would happen if he made the loudspeaker In the same way. This is the real story behind TIDAL for Bugatti.

Floor plan of TIDAL for Bugatti and TIDAL Audio at the Munich High End 2022.

As mentioned in “Hi-Fi in the time of Covid“TIDAL for Bugatti was going to premiere at the High End 2022, but when the virus affected most of the TIDAL Audio factory and they had to close, they weren’t able to prepare for the show. Instead, I sat down with Jorn and Doug White (From The Voice That Is, Distributor and US Brand Ambassador for TIDAL Audio and TIDAL for Bugatti in the US) They discussed what could happen at High End 2022, what is happening now, and what will happen with TIDAL for Bugatti in the future.

First of all, TIDAL Bugatti’s products look amazing, as they should. We’re talking about a dizzying array of custom finishes, including veneer, carbon fiber, and two-tone paint schemes (just like Bugattis’ wheeled cars). We’re also talking about the exterior surfaces that draw visual cues from those legendary cars, a fin in there (to act as counter balancing and resonance absorption from heat sinks), a curve here, all built for a purpose other than looking exactly like a Bugatti.

TIDAL for Bugatti Royale

More details illustrate the pure engineering and design prowess that Jorn considers essential to his brand. Each headset’s base plate, for example, weighs more than 200 pounds on its own. However, one of the core themes of TIDAL for Bugatti kept coming up during our discussion – you can’t really tell what’s going on in this speaker until you look inside. A Bugatti TIDAL owner wouldn’t buy and take apart a pair of these headphones, but if they did, they’d see the same great attention to detail found on the outside.

Then Jorn directed Bugatti’s TIDAL book. Not a brochure, but a hardcover book. This is a stylish coffee table book, filled with rich TIDAL images of Bugatti products – custom finishes, the smallest details in the design, the story behind the project, everything you need to know. Every audiophile should read this book just to see the possibilities of speaker design.

For Jorn Janczak, that’s the passion behind what he does. By going above and beyond for perfection, he has created a transducer without compromise. These aren’t speakers that make everything sound great. TIDAL acoustic speakers are already known for having an almost flawless sound – when I hear the TIDAL system, the first word that comes to my mind is “perfect”. I rarely think of a single criticism. You could call that neutral, but it’s a little deeper than that. The flaws are not convincing. Weaker components are not encoded in the run chain. It is all about reproducing what is there. When you hear a TIDAL sound system, you walk away with a sense of hearing the truth, or at least as close as we can get to that truth at this point in history.

Bugatti certainly recognized this perfection. TIDAL Audio was not the only high-end audio manufacturer called upon for this project. But when Jorn introduced a pre-existing design inspired by Bugatti, the response was: “If this isn’t a Bugatti, we don’t know what is.”

I mentioned to Jorn that my personal affinity for integrated amplifiers is based on the idea that an extra set of interfaces can often be a greater audio compromise than a common power supply. For TIDAL Audio, however, the built-in amplifier isn’t in the cards. Jorn thinks the best solution is amplifiers with console/preamp/server/DAC/streaming device. This, of course, made me reconsider my current amplification preferences because they make so much sense.

TIDAL for Bugatti MC-1

TIDAL for Bugatti is more than a pair of speakers, it’s a complete system. TIDAL Audio, of course, manufactures amplifiers and digital products, and it is best to maintain this “perfection” by keeping it in the family. The Bugatti System TIDAL Control Module MC-1 was developed from the ground up, to perfect the system. TIDAL for Bugatti amplifiers themselves are intrinsically supported; We first heard intermittent variation of TIDAL’s unique Class D amplification when Dave McNair review The pioneering (and award-winning) Intra power amplifier.

The TIDAL for Bugatti system consists of an MC-1 controller and a pair of TIDAL Royale amplifiers selected to your final liking, for a complete system. Bugatti’s TIDAL system finish options are extensive; Including a selection of veneer, trim options and Bugatti supercar color schemes, if desired.

TIDAL Controls Digital Music Converterâ„¢

In fact, TIDAL Audio has planned to launch several new products along with the TIDAL for Bugatti system, which includes the soon-to-be TIDAL Arkas transmitter TIDAL Contros (Digital Music Converterâ„¢, an evolution from the MC-1) with volume control and streamer. The all-new TIDAL Audio Piano speakers were also scheduled to be launched at the Munich show. We anticipate that many of the new technologies developed for the TIDAL for Bugatti system will appear elsewhere in upcoming TIDAL-branded products.

This is the TIDAL for the Bugatti Royale found in the Monocoque Black Lacquer.

So what will happen to Bugatti’s TIDAL because the streak cannot debut at High End 2022? Well, the plan is to do it again next year. In the meantime, TIDAL is planning two US events next year – one on each coast – and I’ll definitely be there to cover that. (I also volunteered to return to High End 2023 and complete my mission.) Just remember that this isn’t just a far-fetched dream about a future product. The TIDAL for Bugatti system is a real thing, and they actually sell and install these systems in people’s homes. Once those customers see and hear TIDAL for Bugatti’s performance, they should get it – just like the Bugatti Chiron, I’d imagine.

Chiron Veron
TIDAL for Bugatti Royal at Bugatti HQ.

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TIDAL for Bugatti Royale in Duotone