These gay moms never saw their families represented in children’s books – so they wrote their own

Sarah Kate Ellis and her wife, Kristen Ellis Henderson, were tired of not seeing their family represented in children’s books, so the two moms decided to do something about it.

In March, they published All Mothers, a children’s book that celebrates all different types of mothers and shows that families don’t have to involve husband, wife, and child.

“We were really specific about including many families and types of families in this book, because all too often, our kids feel left out of the conversation, they can’t see themselves, and this was an opportunity to let them see themselves,” said Ellis, who is also president and CEO. GLAAD Media Advocacy Group, LGBTQ.

Sarah Kate Ellis and her wife Kristen Ellis Henderson with the book cover of
Sarah Kate Ellis and her wife Kristen Ellis Henderson with the cover of All Moms.Courtesy of Sarah Kate Ellis and Kristen Ellis Henderson; Little Bees Books / Max Rambaldi

Ellis and Ellis Henderson are proud parents of their 13-year-old, who were there when they wrote the book and an active part of the process.

“We wrote it down on our dining room table and they were in and around and had comments and offered ideas and suggestions,” Ellis said. “So they understood a big part of that book, too.”

The authors recalled that when their children grew up, there was a book their children immediately gravitated to called “Mom, Mama and Me.” They said this was the only book they had that showed a family with mothers, and their children couldn’t get enough of it.

For Ellis, he has shown that “acting is incredibly and profoundly important to all of us.”

So the women wanted to contribute to their own business so that other future families would not have such limited resources to stock bookshelves or home libraries.

The duo first co-authored their 2015 memoir “Second Times: Two Women in Love and a Happy Family Well Done”. The autobiography talked about their experiences of pregnancy at the same time, and gave readers a glimpse of what modern families can look like.

But still, they wanted to create something for children.

In 2021, Ellis-Henderson – the founder of the female rock band Antigone Rising – came up with the idea for “All Moms” when she started thinking about a song that perfectly describes the “knit community” she lived in.

“This song has always been in my head about our neighborhood and how you can look out the window and you can see all the different types of people walking by the house,” she said.

Sarah Kate Ellis and Kristen Ellis Henderson book
Sarah Kate Ellis and Kristen Ellis Henderson’s book All Mothers celebrates the different types of modern families.Little Bees Books / Max Rambaldi

Some of those who passed her house entered their book.

“A lot of the characters in the book are based on real people who live in the neighborhood,” said Ellis Henderson.

With the help of Ellis, the couple managed to turn the song into a children’s book.

In December, Ellis responded to more LGBTQ books being banned from school libraries when she launched a social media campaign Books don’t ban.

“We saw a real trend of silencing LGBTQ voices, and so we wanted to draw attention to that,” said Ellis.

The two nations contemplate this Pride month It will help LGBTQ kids feel like they’ve been through more than ever.

“My biggest wish at Pride this month is for our kids to feel safe and loved, and that’s universal,” Ellis said. We can stop letting people divide us and realize that we are united here to protect our children, to love them, and to help them grow and learn. This is universal for all of us.”

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