The non-conformity company does not believe in fitness equipment boredom

Let’s face it: When it comes to weightlifting accessories, products can be, as we say, a cute little – at least in Fashion Department. In addition, put on your wrist straps, lifting straps and lifting belts With daily training these sports will eventually reach the breaking point in terms of functionality.

This doesn’t have to be the norm, though. You get high-quality lifting accessories that look as good as they perform – and that’s exactly what they do non-conformity company aims to achieve.

With an anti-grain attitude and dedication to creating “psychedelic” fitness equipment that innovates and excites, NoCo Offers a number of weightlifting accessories that are ready to tackle every workout.

To see if these performances are making an impact or just making noise, we tested our full accessory suite to see how high NoCo lifts the bar with its stability from wrist straps, lifting straps, lifting straps and arm trainers. Are these the revolutionary products the sports community has been waiting for, or are they just renamed versions of the same song and dance?

This is what we found.

NoCo Lifting Belt is a breath of fresh air


NoCo . Lifting Belt

non-conformity company


  • Front Ab panel provides excellent reinforcement surface
  • Contoured design is the perfect blend of style and function
  • The exposed seams may be subject to abrasion over time
  • Not as rigid as other lifting strap options

One piece of equipment that immediately caught our eye was NoCo . Lifting Belt. At first glance, it looks like a typical nylon webbing, but it definitely goes beyond its weight class with the innovations that have been sewn. According to the brand, the NoCo belt is the only belt that provides complete abdominal support thanks to the inclusion of the front ab panel. When getting under a heavy squat, the front deck made the prop much easier and I definitely felt supported all over.

The front panel also features a belt track for seating when tightened, which helps keep everything in place during lifts. The hook-and-loop locking system was easy to maneuver and strap installation was a breeze, too.

Aesthetically speaking, I don’t think you can ask for more. Available in four colors, the NoCo Lifting Strap is sure to make a statement with its colorful herringbone stitching and aluminum buckle. Some strings may be prone to damage down the road, but only time will tell if that pays off.

The ArmTrainer is the biceps training supplement I didn’t know I needed before


NoCo ArmTrainer

non-conformity company


  • Isolates the entire biceps to improve stress time
  • It breaks down for easy storage in your gym bag
  • Not safe to wear around the body
  • Aluminum frame adds weight to your gym bag

Biceps training may seem easy enough – just curl those curls – but we’re all guilty of losing shape and swinging weights at times. with Arm trainer from NoCoThis bad habit is left at the door which helps isolate the muscles completely for better times under stress.

The NoCo ArmTrainer is similar to a typical arm blaster, but this supplement provides more than just isolated curls. The hook and loop strap can be worn around the body or neck for slow, conscious biceps training and can also be attached to a weight bench for preacher or curls as well. However, I found that when worn cross-body, the ArmTrainer was less secure than when worn around my neck. NoCo also eliminates a common problem with lever pistols that these lever attachments are often bulky and cumbersome.

To store the ArmTrainer, you can simply open the drop-down tab at the end of each arm pad and remove it for a more compact profile. This space-saving feature is great – I’ve never had a problem installing the ArmTrainer My bag When not in use – but this supplement will likely be stored elsewhere on days off. However, it is good to know when I need to train the arms, carrying this supplement in the gym will not be a burden.

Simple additions make the difference with our lifting straps and wrist wraps


NoCo . lift bar

non-conformity company


  • Ballistic nylon tip prevents fraying
  • The body provides a splash of color for added personality
  • Not as innovative as other NoCo products
  • Raw neoprene, while aesthetically pleasing, can wear over time

Straps and covers can be great additions to any bag, providing security and support for larger lifts when used appropriately. Oftentimes, our wrist and grip fail before our muscles break down, so by wearing these handy accessories, you can navigate your training more efficiently.

There’s a pretty standard design when it comes to elevating straps and wrist wraps, so I wasn’t surprised when NoCo products fell into their signature silhouettes. The additions that were made, however, proved to be simple yet highly effective.

First go to lifting stripsI found the neoprene very comfortable during deadlift rows and squats. The straps were easy to wear, and the ballistic nylon reinforcements should be good for long distances. The Icon and Urban Army colors are delicious, too, and provide just enough style without being obnoxious—it’s a lifting belt, after all.

for wrist wrapsAnd, again, not a ton of technology to break down barriers. Available in two coil types—double for light-to-medium support and triple for medium-to-strong support—these NoCo extensions were a welcome addition in their payday days. NoCo wrist straps provide just enough stability for sit-ups and other presses, and you’ve never been comfortable wearing them.

However, the main feature of the note is the added hook and loop tab on the thumb loop. If you’re like me, you don’t want to keep the thumb ring on your number once the wrap is nicely wrapped. This added tab helps you remove the ring when lifting, and keep it securely out of the way. A simple addition but a nice touch nonetheless.


NoCo . wrist wrap

non-conformity company


  • Available in multiple wrap lengths for versatile support
  • Hook and loop tab on thumb loop for convenient and convenient storage
  • Only available in two colorways
  • The suede patch takes a while to crack

Non-conforming fitness equipment: verdict

With so many innovations and prices that are easily comparable to the competition, the NoCo lineup is definitely worth considering. Sure, the lift strap and boom trailer are notable, but the touches given to the lift straps and wrist straps are also noteworthy. Plus, if you want your equipment to have a certain style, these choices can definitely deliver that aesthetic.

Revolutions do not happen overnight, and adoption of innovations takes time. But if current stability is any indication, NoCo is well on its way to raising the bar for weightlifting accessories.

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