The King of the Hill manga has become a terrifying horror manga thanks to TMNT artist

In a series of hilarious pieces of art, fans get a glimpse of what would happen if the King of the Hill characters were in Junji Ito’s horror world.

Warning: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

Artist of the Year 2023 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The film took on the iconic works of the horror manga legend Junji Ito And mix them up with a classic sitcom king of the hill Its a funny new artwork. king of the hill It continues to delight fans after more than a decade of non-broadcasting. Even though the show ended, people still remembered the hillside adventures and Arlen community. It’s still so popular in fact that creator Mike Judge has announced that the king of the hill Biology It is running and will contain a time jump. It’s a show that has definitely stood the test of time.

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Junji Ito is also a creator whose works have become beloved by fans all over the world, albeit for very different reasons. His terrifying style gives readers a glimpse into the weird as he specializes in the horror of the body and the supernatural. Among his most famous works Uzumaki, who follows a cursed town spirals so much that people’s bodies begin to twist – soon to get an official anime adaptation on Adult Swim. Outside UzumakiIto is also known for his short novels. These stories range from tales about mysterious holes that form in mountains, tempting people to climb inland, to an underappreciated one that redefines Nightmare fuel with dolls. Ito’s style has become influential all over the world, and it appears with this unexpected intersection with king of the hill.

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Woodrow White, the visual development artist of the future Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, he posted pieces of artwork on Twitter that bring the two unexpected properties together. in these pictures, white The beloved team of Arlen takes Texas and throws them into the terrifying world of Junji Ito. So far, only two of Ito’s stories – Uzumaki And the The Amigara’s Error Mystery Pointed out, but they are great options. Surprising to see how good the style king of the hill coordinate with The terrible world of Ito. Seeing fan-favorite characters like Bill Dauterive, Dale Gribble, and Boomhauer become warped to match the manga artist’s signature style is both terrifying and impressive.

In response to fans about the photos, white reveals the use of images,”Illustrations and screenshots of KOTH’s Junji Ito, with some simple drawing here and there from me‘Given that White has succeeded in creating the Hill family and their friends It blends seamlessly into the world of ItoIt’s amazing to see that so little has changed king of the hillThe art style blends strangely with the world of Ito. It looks like they already belong to these pages. It’s incredible to see how a few small tunings can take two radically different properties and make them look as if they were always meant to have an intersection.

As of now, White has created quite a few of these fun pieces, but with Junji Ito’s endless inspiration, we hope more are on their way. stories like airship hanging And the Marionette Palace It will be fair A few of the scariest stories in Ito You can get a touch of Arlen, Texas. TMNT Artist Woodrow White created something special with these king of the hill And the Junji Ito Blending in, they show that even the scariest works of art can get a hilarious spin under the right conditions.

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