The Internet is disgusting with Meta’s virtual designer clothes

Tone deaf, dead? Start! The brand formerly known as Facebook has had its share of controversy over the years. Perhaps trying to distance herself from that was partly the reason for her name change. But she doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson.

A tweet was posted to announce the launch of the Avatar Store on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, and the first products on sale will be virtual clothes from Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne. Yes, Meta’s contribution to helping people through the current cost of living crisis seems to be to ensure that if you can no longer afford Prada in real life, you can at least embellish your avatar in designer threads in the metaverse. Suffice to say, the internet has decry the idea outright (Need to keep up with what’s going on with web3? What is metaverse? Instructs).

Mita clothes virtual designer clothes

“The Zuck” presents its new leads on the virtual runway (Image credit: meta)

The Meta tweet shows CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram Fashion Partnerships Director Eva Chen in outings that include a hoodie and ripped jeans, what appear to be motocross outfits and school uniform-like suits (yes, it does seem a little ironic that ‘The Zuck’, so well known With the outstanding practicality and simplicity of his realistic wardrobe, he’ll wear his avatar in a Thom Browne suit).