The 2022 race, which Trump considers the ‘most important election’

For those who enjoy watching highly competitive and effective campaigns, this year will not be boring. There are exciting campaigns to watch in every part of the country, ups and downs in the polls, that will not only dictate the course of the nation’s government in the near future, these races will also likely have a huge impact on our democracy. The risks couldn’t be much greater.

Against this backdrop, Donald Trump traveled to Wyoming for his latest political rally, where attendees heard the former president define what he considers to be the nation’s most important electoral contest. Casper Star Tribune mentioned:

“Wyoming, all of America is counting on you,” he said. “very important. We all know how great you are, how beautiful you are. But you, politically speaking, are at the top of the list. We have a lot of elections coming up… I think this is the most important one we’ve got, right here.”

In context, “this” referred to Representative Liz Cheney’s Republican primary race against attorney Harriet Hageman.

On the face of it, this may seem difficult to understand. Control of the US House of Representatives is at stake in 2022. So is control of the US Senate. There are gubernatorial elections in nine of the ten most populous states.

But for the former president, one race stands out as the “most important election.” Is it a contest that will determine which party has power in the new year? No. Is it a governor’s race? no. Are the elections that will determine whether the results of future elections are certified? number.

Rather, it is an essential race to determine whether the country’s least populous state is represented by a conservative republican woman or by a different conservative republican woman.

For Trump, that’s not ridiculous, and it’s important to understand why: He believes that achieving equality is far more important than having a majority. Cheney may have voted with Trump almost at the White House 93 percent of the timeBut she also recognized that Trump is a threat to our democracy and the rule of law.

Once we realize the fact that the former president cares more about revenge than his party, the logic becomes clear: naturally Cheney’s primary is the “most important election of the year.” It is the Republic that has gone above and beyond to rid the Republican Party of Trump.

For a narcissistic politician preoccupied with hatred, what could be more important than defeating Cheney? The odds are clearly against that, but if the Democrats were to actually rely on their majority in Congress and Hageman had to replace Cheney, it’s easy to imagine Trump feeling some degree of satisfaction with the midterm results.

What is less clear is how the former president might take these positions. In Georgia, for example, Trump did his best to root out potential opponents within the party in the state primaries, and as we saw last week, It failed amazingly. Republicans such as Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger and state Attorney General Chris Carr set out for easy victories — even after they rejected Trump’s coup plot, and even after the former president set out to derail their careers.

New York magazine Ed Kilgore Requested Days ago, “Is Trump destroying the Georgia Republicans?” As a partisan issue, it may seem as though the larger voice in the Republican Party would prioritize the GOP’s election victories over its own personal sense of injustice.

But given everything we know about the former president – a man who looked like that Publicly celebrate Republican defeats After the 2018 midterm elections – it seems clear that hatred trumps every possible consideration.