Seeing Yves Bisoma as an expert reveals the strengths and weaknesses of Tottenham’s new deal

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has added a slew of quality to his midfield in the form of Yves Bissoma and football. London He got the expert opinion on what exactly fans can expect from the new club’s signing.

Tottenham She swooped in to sign the 25-year-old Mali international for a fee that could rise to more than £30m with several additions. Described as one of the Premier League’s best players outside of the traditional top six, the north London club has been widely praised for completing one of the summer transfer window deals so far to boost it. countySquad.

Richie Mills, Brighton correspondent for Sussex Live, has covered Soma A week in, a week out in recent seasons football. London I thought who is best to get the inside information to the experts about the strengths and weaknesses of the midfielder and much more. We asked him a series of questions about the new Tottenham signing and here are his answers.

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What can Spurs fans expect from Yves Bissoma?

Spurs fans can expect one of the best ball winners in the game; A prolific and athletic midfielder who can play from point to point, he is able to achieve the strangely wondrous goal. He plays mostly with his right foot, prefers short passes over long passes, and is very qualified to lead from behind to start the attack. His dribbling and close-ball control are in full swing as well. When he joined Brighton in 2018, he showed flashes of brilliance but was unsteady. Now he rarely has a bad game.

Is he ready for the Champions League level?

Brighton boss Graham Potter has said repeatedly that Bosma has the qualifications to play in the Champions League for the past 18 months or so. After Albion’s 1-0 win over Tottenham last season, he said: “It [Bissouma] Understand when to cover, release, press, and then you can see its qualities. His high-end actions are the level of the Champions League. I think you’ve seen the full range of his quality.”

What are its weaknesses?

Since the defensive part of his game is pretty good, some of his shortcomings aren’t a big deal. If he can settle those he will be world class. His shooting success is pretty low, his long-range passes can be worked on and he tends to pick up a lot of yellow cards.

He had 10 bookings over the course of last season, which means he missed three games overall. Graham Potter said this was part of his game Brighton wanted to work on, but it could be a double-edged sword.

“It’s something he can improve and something we can improve because that number (10) is very high for the games he’s played, and I think it’s fair to say,” Potter said in April. “I think he would say the same, but at the same time, it’s a fine line because you know he’s that kind of player, and it’s important that he has that physical strength and intensity in those defensive situations. You just have to go wrong or something happens, and it can be a card. yellow, and that’s something we can do better to help him.”

Conte demands a high rate of work from his players for a full 90 minutes and really high fitness levels, will he be able to handle that?

In terms of fitness, Bosma has proven to be one of Brighton’s best players. It was very rare to see him afloat, and he was often the one who would lead his team’s efforts to get them back into the match or take it to the opponent. Some of his matches over the past two seasons have been exceptional.

How does it work with others? Was he popular in the Brighton dressing room?

Near the end of last season, he formed an impressive partnership with Brighton teammate Moises Kaisedou. They were exceptional in the 1-0 win over Tottenham last season, with the pair acting as a kind of double act. When one advanced, the other covered, and vice versa. Bosoma was a Nawras fan favorite and loved his teammates.

Brighton assistant Alex Burroughs had this to say about him in 2020: “The boys always come in and ask for the little bits too, they’re a great bunch. I have to say Yves Bisoma is one of the funniest people I’ve met. He’ll just be in the office talking to Someone in French on Facetime, then switches to me and back again – he laughs so much!”