Season 3, Episode 6, “710N”

Bill Hader in Barry

Bill Hader in Barry
picture: Merrick Morton / HBO

I originally planned to begin with a 1,200-word comparative analysis of the morphology of cakes and beignets, and how they symbolize distinct narrative modalities in the world of Barry (Perforations versus bulging centers). But on second thought, let’s simply accept that Barry has gone from sprinkles to powdered sugar on his fried pastries and left it at that. Why the beignet appears so heavily in this episode must remain a mystery. within many Gas.

The use of “Beignets By Mitch” as a trivial fulcrum in “710N” enhanced the atmosphere of the Coen Brothers that Barry He had from the start: the stone baker, Mitch (Tom Allen), who dispenses foolish pearls of wisdom, his posture and frame frozen and unchanging. French pancakes aside, the episode mixes the whimsy of a Coen-ish deadpan, crazy max Kinetic chaos, and L.A. noir – without it so far Heading toward the surreal shocks of last season’s memorable semi-independent season”Ronnie / Lily. Instead, we got a loose, flirty tote bag that left viewers in a pleasantly bewildered state—until I’m still piecing it together.

We’ve all been waiting for a principle to get rid of it. But this cool open? Are you gonna snowboard Fox like that? Fuches (Stephen Root) led motocross star Traci (Jolene Van Vugt) to the place where Taylor, her psychic marine brother, imagined a hot tub: the desolate hills outside Los Angeles. This is where Barry, Taylor, Chris and Vaughan (Cathy) try to ambush Cristobal and the Bolivians when Arrived for the first time on a private plane. Traci accompanies a biker (much less elegant than Good gems‘Cycle Ninjas), someone shoots Fuches empty in the chest before the gang rushes away to find Barry.

Less than a minute and I have a lot of questions. Do cyclists go to the address that Fuchs threw at the vengeful mourners? If so, did they encounter Sally? Why, specifically, did they shoot Fox? How did they get the title to place Nick and Jermaine, where Barry crashed? How do they know that? And above all: Sociopathic, heavily armed motorcyclists obsessed with about $1,700 that Fox said Barry owed. Taylor (whom Tracy barely cares about) Hot tub?

Let’s stop, take a breath, and admire the sheer stupidity of the motives in this episode of Barry. There’s a lot of exaggerated nonsense, but it makes for a fun watch.

Albert (James Hiroyuki Liao) still suffers from the folly of Chief Krause (Gary Krause) and Detective Dunn (Sarah Burns) – but not so gladly. The three relate the bombing of the Bolivian home (Barry’s handiwork) to the subsequent raid on the nursery operated by the Chechen mob. So, as per Albert’s reasons, NoHo Hank was already a bombardment of Bolivians. But Krause sticks to his theory that the “raven” did it. “How do we know that Rumpelstiltskin here isn’t some kind of badass?” He protested, pointing to the image of Fox. “I mean, look at his jacket. It’s leather, it’s cool.”

I really dig Liao’s rude but sensitive job as an FBI agent who doesn’t know (yet) that he’s hunting down a former Marine. But the shadow that darkens his face when he says the man who shot Abbey (season two) must have been a “former military” – that’s the moment you know he shines on Barry. In the next scene, Albert meets Sharon (Karen David), The Chris’ widow (who was killed by Barry in season one), and asked if she had seen Barry recently. Sharon offers to bring the vets back together. Albert can’t believe Barry is taking acting lessons. “Human Ice Machine?” He sparkles with laughter. Sharon calls Barry and invites him to meet with the vets. That evening. Barry jumps at the chance to join a community not poisoned by its violent past.

The tangled timelines in this episode left me baffled. It was obvious that Fox was hanging out with Traci and Her gang, near Los Angeles, drives them to revenge. They shot him. The Fuches are then rescued by the Latin gentle farming family. He needs time to recover – weeks at least. Fox sees the newspaper article about Barry and Cousino. he tuttered by anger He steals his savior’s truck, and calls Jim Moss (Robert Ray Wisdom), father of Detective Janis Moss, to activate another vengeful agent. And at some point, Fox does reach out to Sharon, which we realize toward the end of the episode when Barry is drugged by the beignette he’s brought in, and he snarls at him, “Die, you motherfucker.”

Stephen Root in Barry

Stephen Root Barry
picture: Merrick Morton / HBO

Let’s play this. If a gang of bikers shoot Fuches and go straight to find Barry in Los Angeles, how long did it take for them to find Barry in his car and chase him down the 710N? Is it enough for Fox to recover from his wound, drive to LA, poison Sharon’s mind, and have Barry drugged through the bagnet? And where does Albert correspond in this chronology? When he meets Sharon, has she already met Fuchs, and also plans to take revenge on her? If so, why would you agree to involve Albert and the other vets? What’s more, how did Fox know that Barry killed Chris? He wasn’t there, and Barry would never admit it.

every episode of Barry, which is masterfully planned and relies on unbridled coincidence and improbable synchronicity, requires a suspension of disbelief, but this one felt especially WTF in reconciling time and space. Take the way Tracy and her team found Barry. They just… kind ofI find it. Hence we get the kicking chase sequence. The sheer random stupidity, and cartoonish quality, was part of the joy. You can argue that since Tracy and her goofy sons found out Receipts from Beignets BMitch is at Jermaine and Nick’s house (where Barry crashes), they travel there, and since Barry was leaving (after picking up a bag of baguettes for Sharon’s party), that’s how they found him in his car? Once again, strangely stupid motives and astonishing coincidence prevailed.

As for Sally and Cousino, things are going much better for them than for Barry. Sally (Sarah Goldberg) and Lindsay (Jesse Hodges) attend a meeting with BanShe CEO Morgan Dawn-Cherry (SNL Alum Vanessa Bayer) transmitted to the subVerbal grunts, whines and rustles while trying to communicate how the network wants Sally to show the doctor New Medusas. Cousineau (Henry Winkler) gets an offer to star in a new TV series. It goes straight to Annie Eisner (Laura San Giacomo), a theater director and ex-lover who ruined his career. Cousineau, who is clearly serious about making up for past crimes, offers Annie all the profits for the new TV show, if she’s the one directed.

These subplots pale in comparison to the insanely cool highway chase that Barry gets into with motocross nerds, culminating in a shootout at Kleintop’s Used Cars, in which a gritty salesman (Bob Turton) with marital problems saves his customers by banishing Traci, who was She rode her bike over the building and started pounding (again, Why?!?) crowd. Barry walks quietly with his bag of beignets, singing a song, on his way to a party where he is poisoned by the wife of the man who killed him. Next time, donuts?

stray notes

  • Duffy Boudreau’s ultimate Los Angelosity dialogue is impressive: “I used to be a baker at this Kicas Koro shop on Yucca Rock,” says Mitch. “It was comfortable as damn. I could ride that shit forever. But I knew I had to level up.”
  • Vocal Nick andoleys for Jermaine’s story is wonderfully horrific.
  • Barry’s loud email to Sally at a clothing store goes off the rails: “This sounds great and is forty percent off. Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to act anymore. I’ve found a new community with my friends in the Navy. I’m trying to move on.” Going past like Marty McFly LOL. Sir, you’re talking too loudly. Shit, I’m just sorry Please be a charlatan of shame Jonas Brothers ha ha New Sally I understand if you don’t want to talk to me again I’ll do five teeth for you From a spaceship under the sun.”
  • at present Fox is recovering with the farming family, and David Wingo writes great great music Inspirational strings and open strings resembling Copeland.
  • Barry’s self-soothing song says, “You’re my friend, you’re my friend.” As far as I can tell, it’s “It’s You” from Xavier Riedel and the Secret Museum.
  • Stunt coordinator Wade Allen deserves more bang for his buck for his great work on the chase scene, where drivers crash through windshields, crash and fly over cars, and navigate long lines of traffic.
  • diverse Headline about Cousineau and Barry: “Former Toxic-Manchild Helps Save Vet’s Life Through Acting”