Saturday Headlines: New Uniform Released

Good morning BBN. It’s picture perfect on a Saturday morning, so let’s get to it so we can all go out and enjoy our day!

The Kentucky basketball Twitter account dropped a tweet yesterday that drew BBN’s full attention. Looks like there will be a wardrobe change this fall when the Wildcats take court.

This is good news for many in the fan base as the checkerboard design that has dominated cat clothing is becoming increasingly unpopular. Now those fans will be satisfied because this design will be a thing of the past.

Personally, I don’t care one way or the other but this seems to be a push by John Calipari to update the software. He’s been on a brief barn tour recently calling for new basketball facilities and noting how far Kentucky has fallen to that capacity. Cal and his boss Mitch Barnhart have stated that they want Kentucky to return to winning and be an evolving program.

I don’t care if they’re wearing uniforms from 1923 as long as they win and as long as the players like what they’re wearing.

Today’s Tweets

There has been an update on how basketball will be scheduled once Texas and Oklahoma join the Securities and Exchange Commission, but there has been no movement on how many games the football teams will play. This was a small victory for Mitch Barnhart, Mark Stubbs and others in the conference who want to stay in eight games.


Mitch Barnhart receives the | . Award Vaught- Opinions Mitch Barnhart is one of the country’s most respected and underrated adverts. He will receive the Joh L. Toner Award. “The John L. Toner Award was first introduced in 1997, and it honors athletics directors who have demonstrated superior management ability and demonstrated outstanding dedication to college athletics and especially college football.” It’s worth considering where football in Kentucky now compares to what it was when Barnhart took over.

Kentucky in Sniper Illinois | cats pause- I believe Kentucky needs an extra perimeter player, particularly a shooter, and Jacob Grandison fits that description. Duke, Michigan, and Oregon, along with Kentucky, are just four of the 10 schools he considers.

Karim Wagner talks about his ‘unbreakable’ relationship with his brother DJ Wagner | KSR- Watkins is the older brother of top DJ Wagner in 2023 and he works in Kentucky. The two are as close as a brother can get but Watkins has been mum about where the DJ is leaning.

Traveler Wheeler steadily improves his shot | LHL- If Wheeler could be consistent with his outside shot, he would add an entirely different dimension to the attack. It doesn’t have to be Brandon Knight, maybe it could be Tyler Ullis.

Josh Heard Takes New AD Name in Louisville, Avoids Taking Picks in Tom Gorrich | WDRB- Heird officially takes over the job after hiring Kenny Payne and stabilizing the athletics department by awarding new deals to coaches. He took the highway when asked about former AD Tom Jurich and his team of businessmen around Louisville who had released A. stinging speech and poor writing After the announcement of Heard’s appointment.

The Reds fall to Nationals 8-5 | Reds reporter- The reds were rolling.

Joe Girardi outside Philly | sports news- It’s not like it’s cool in New York either.