Salem Golf Club asks neighbors to stop housing development for $4.2 million

Homes are seen as golfers playing golf at Creekside Golf Club in Salem, Oregon. Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Creekside Golf Club is once again asking the neighborhood neighborhood to back its bottom line.

In exchange for an estimated $4.2 million, the club’s owners will pause their plans Real estate development into a residence for five years, according to a proposal sent to homeowners last week.

During the first year, 65% of the funds raised will go towards deferred maintenance and infrastructure improvements at the golf club, such as replacing pool liners, modernizing the irrigation system and upkeep of deferred swimming pools. The remaining 35% will support an increase in club staff salaries. Funding allocation can vary in the coming years.

The 588 members of the Homeowners Association will vote on the plan on June 29.

The club struggled for years

Creekside Golf Club is filmed among the houses in the Creekside Estates neighborhood.

This plan is the latest in a series of controversial proposals to keep the struggling golf course open.

Creekside Golf Club and Creekside Estates were created by the same developer, but have no legal or financial connection.

But many club members live in the neighborhood, and those with views of the golf course have an interest in preventing development. Some residents said they bought their homes thinking the golf course would always be there.