Powers grabbed 27 points, seizing control late as Lynns lagged into New York’s rally

With the Lynx needing a hero of late, the Air Force soared once again.

Liberty, who trailed by as much as 19 points in the third quarter, had fought all the way to one point from the Lynx less than four minutes before the end of Sunday’s game.

Then Powers took over. She was fouled when she fell with an offensive rebound, sinking two free throws. She hit a defensive board on the other end and rushed back, pulling for a jump shot. The ball bounced off the iron, but the day of Bowers’ storybook allowed only one consequence – the shot shook the house.

With a crush back, and a few playoffs from Bridget Carlton and Rachel Banham, Lynx survived New York with an 84-77 victory at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

“I think we were all like, ‘Okay, that’s the point in the game where we need to turn them off,’ because they have a lot of momentum, I think, five minutes left in the fourth quarter, and we didn’t want to let that slip away again.” other”. “I think it was a team effort, and we were able to not only stop them from gaining full momentum but to score on the other end. It puts more pressure on them to score.”

The victory – the second of the season for Lynx over Liberty – took both teams to 3-8 records, breaking a two-game slide for the visitors and ending New York’s two-game winning streak.

Powers finished his career with 27 points on 11-for-22 shots, including 3-for-3 on three-pointers. She added seven rebounds, two assists, a block and a steal.

She was particularly dominant in the first half, scoring 18 points, helping Minnesota go into the first half with a 46-37 increase, and tying with the most points Lynx has scored in the first half of this year—even with the team’s five minutes and 26 seconds past. stretches into the first quarter.

“Recently, I’ve been in attack mode,” Powers said. “It opens up a lot for me, and I know it allows me to not think too much when I’m going to attack and get two fouls when someone offends me, or being able to get my teammates on and after that, I see the floor a little bit better because I’m only in the area.”

Over the first five games of the season, he averaged eight points on 24.5% shots from the field. since then, With some help from Michael Jordanaveraging 17.5 points in a 41.3% shot from the field, despite being off the bench in the two games before Sunday.

Even within the game, I flipped a switch. Powers started the fourth quarter five times in a row before taking the reins.

“AP is AP,” said Sheryl Reeve, a Linux trainer. “She has a lot of faith in herself. So, I didn’t see anything different. Since we’re kind of browsing her, like I said, the least competent AP, and she’s trying to figure out how to maintain confidence, be aware of the shooting choice, that kind of thing. Maybe, I think if you asked AP, there’s probably an extension where you start to think a lot, so for all of them we’re trying to get out of that thinking space and just go and be who you are.”

Powers’ points blast also opened up the offensive for the rest of the team. Sylvia Fowles scored 18 points and added eight rebounds. Kayla McBride, who has been sleeping hard this week and working around the clock recovering from the quadriceps bruise she suffered against Atlanta, scored 18 goals.

Banham, who nailed the dagger with two pointers after the clutch block by Carlton on the final ditch Sabrina Ionescu, said Bowers’ energy lifted the team.

“That’s how the AP is,” Banham said of Bowers’ lighthearted cheering during the match. “I think it’s cool. It just helps her fire up. And then, we’re having fun, and that’s really cool. I love everyone else’s success, and the energy definitely explodes on us.”

The Star Tribune did not travel for this game. This article was written using television broadcasts and video interviews before and/or after the match.