Pistons Mailbag: Future Jeramy Grant, Dender Eaton, Colin Sexton, Pick No. 5

The season of rumors has begun to breeze. with the NBA The Finals begin this week and the 2022 NBA Draft begins later this month, and preparations for next season are underway. Draft prospects are in the midst of group training, franchises discuss potential deals, and sure enough, the dark side of free agency in the NBA has begun. Most teams are seriously short of cover space this summer, but pistons They are among the few who have, at least, a chance for off-season entertainment. With the fifth selection, large space and powerful circulation chip Jeramy GrantDetroit, for the first time in a long time, has many avenues to back off in order to find its way back toward relevance.

With the offseason really starting, I’ll be answering subscribers and Twitter questions. The second part of this mailbag is coming next week.

(Editor note: Questions have been lightly edited for style and clarity.)

Are pistons really keen on bonus trading? He looks like he’ll be a solid piece in the next phase if he accepts not being the number one man, which he showed he could do at the end of the season. -xegesis

No, I wouldn’t say the pistons are “keen” on the grant trading. He’s a good player in his first game and fits in as a coveted prototype across the league, including Detroit. Naturally, when you have a good player on a non-competing team, business conversations happen. It is the nature of work.

I confirmed that I am 50-50 on the odds of trading pistons for the veteran striker. I think the 2022 NBA draft will define a lot. If Detroit somehow relegated Jabari Smith or Paulo Panchero (both forwards slotted to go before the Pistons picked fifth), it would make sense to move Grant. The same logic should be applied to redirect Keegan Murray. However, if the Pistons end up with a wing or guard, keeping Grant makes sense.

Every player in this league has a price. All. Not connected. One. General Manager Troy Weaver has put his position on Grant. The former should not accept anything less. That price may change as we get closer to the draft, but Weaver can dictate what the return will be in order to close the deal. If no team is willing to go there, the Pistons will have no problem keeping the wages of a good basketball player in their prime.

How much pressure do you think Weaver is under to get that right choice, and do you think his job would be under threat if the choice didn’t really work out? -richyjin

I don’t think the organization is putting much pressure on Weaver to hit a target here. After all, the lottery gods didn’t offer Detroit any advantages by making it drop to No. 5. This draft, in my opinion, isn’t star-studded, and I think some fans are slightly exaggerating the fifth pick in this particular class.

With that, he may pressure and flee himself. this is normal. After all, his job is to turn the pistons over, and the best way to do that is through the draft. He prides himself on his ability to assess talent. He is very diligent in preparing it. So yeah, Weaver wants to get this right.

However, I don’t think his job will be in jeopardy if the No. 5 pick ends up not being an NBA player three or four years from now. I don’t think this is my line. Weaver’s job will be in jeopardy if Detroit does not make significant strides over the next few years. If this year’s pick doesn’t turn out well, but the Pistons are the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference two seasons from now, I’m sure ownership will take it all day.

If you split the percentages of pistons between Murray, Shydon Sharpe and Benedict Mathurin, where would you put them? By the way, good pod today. -CopperCutters

First, thank you for listening! I appreciate all your subscribers who are also listening to Cake and Cardigan Show. The support is overwhelming.

Well, for the good stuff: This one is hard to answer. I’m not trying to evade, but the Pistons are still figuring out all that. I feel confident that if Detroit holds fifth, one of the three names you mentioned or Jaden Ivey from Purdue University will come to Motor City.

Detroit operates on the assumption that Chet Holmgren, Smith, Panchero, and one of Murray and Ivy or Sharp will be gone by the time they’re on the clock. All I heard was that many of the front-office decision makers for the Pistons really liked Murray. The same goes for Mathurin. Ivy is a possibility that I’ve heard mixed opinions about. Hot and cold. Sharpe, of course, is intriguing, but the lack of a high-profile film provides some hesitation. Detroit is spending this time trying to formulate an opinion about Sharp, who, according to sources, will be working in Detroit for the next 10 days.

For now, if I had to sort those predictions for Detroit, I’d go with Murray, Mathurin/Sharpe, and then Ivey. I’m not saying this can’t change as the draft gets closer to the inch. This is how I see the current big board, based on conversations over the past few weeks and months.

The pistons seem to be high on Keegan Murray for Iowa. (Trevor Roskowski / USA Today)

Take the top four guys from last year with the top four consensus from this class. How would you rank them if they were all in one introductory class? -PistonsDevries

Oooooo, I love this. I hope my list shows how much better the top of last year’s draft was compared to this year. Pistons fans should really appreciate that ping pong balls were in Detroit’s favour last year as opposed to this year.

Just to be clear, my list is based on the pure potential of each potential customer, and my belief in their reaching the “maximums” and their effects if they push them to the limit. here we areā€¦

  1. Kid Cunningham
  2. Evan Mobley
  3. Holmgren
  4. Scotty Barnes
  5. Galen Green
  6. Smith
  7. Banchero
  8. Ivy (assuming he’s the last guy you’re referring to)

If the Pistons exchanged scholarship to Atlanta like you talked about in your last column, who are some of the men they would look for in the 16th pick? -jakepietryga

Here are six names I’d be looking for: Angel Branham of Ohio, Jonny Davis of Wisconsin, Jalen Williams of Santa Clara, Jaden Hardy of G League Ignite, Tarry Eason of LSU, and Mark Williams of Duke (although I think it’s the least likely) In this group. Be there at No. 16).

Another possibility for Detroit if it added the 16th pick to go with No. 5 is to trade in the top three. I’m looking at you Houston Rockets.

from the rumored free agents (Dender EatonAnd the Colin SextonAnd the Mitchell Robinson), which pistons do you think are the best or would they give priority? – @balloon7

iTunes is clearly the best in this group. I think Detroit would do their due diligence and chase after Eaton for a reasonable price, but I don’t understand the Pistons would break the bank for it. Weaver and Co. will their homework. Ayton’s background noise hasn’t been great for the past month.

Robinson, to me, is the most realistic of these three names. It will be the cheapest and will fill a void in the list. I’m sure Detroit will have real competition for his services, but Robinson is the better financially and from a roster standpoint.

For Sexton, I think it depends on the price, as is the Ayton. I don’t see the Pistons breaking the bank for a petite guard who is an below average defender and not necessarily the best playmaker for the others. With that said, Detroit could really use another guy who could create his own shots and record in groups. Sexton does it. If the price is right, I can see that happening. Again, though, I don’t think the pistons go to great lengths for the Sexton.

(Collin Sexton top photo: Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)