Omar Zaheer reveals Derya’s campaign of lies in Ponderosa

Omar Zuhair and Dorea Wheeler


Omar Zuhair and Derya Wheeler in episode 11 of “Survivor 42”.

despite “Survivor 42” Famous for take cute in the game and Real connections and friendships It took shape, and it turns out there was a dark — and according to one contestant’s account, “shocking” story — that happened next.

Friday, sixth place Omar Zuhair revealed that Derya Wheelerthe contestant with whom he formed a strong bond, then moved on to blind side At the last seven, a series of malicious and venomous lies about him spread in Ponderosa after her elimination, in order to “poison” the jury against him.

Here’s what you need to know:

Omar thinks he should tell his story because ‘the conclusion is important’

At the age of Podcast “Deep Dive” He spoke with Rob Cesternino about his reluctance to publicly reveal something that happened on the island in the year since it happened. “It’s an important part of the journey,” he said of the story. “I thought a lot, ‘Shall I talk about this?'” Am I not talking about this? …but I think it’s important to talk about it because it was a very important part of the experience. And it’s something that I hope others won’t necessarily encounter…For me, it’s important that we achieve this closure, and that we disseminate that information.”

“I felt wrong not to share a part of the experience that was so painful,” he added.

As discerning fans of the series know, the Ponderosa series has not been released for season 42, as it has for every season since 2008. As a result, all the information about Ponderosa that the cast decided to talk about is brand new (although it is possible that the reason This lack of content is related to Quarantine regulations and conflict in scheduling filming after season 41 is completed, not any personal drama).

Omar, of course, played a rather vile game during his time on the show, lying to and betraying a number of close allies (most notably Derya and Hai Jiang), although both seemed to be making a huge stride, with Drea in particular owning one of the most Graceful and humorous exits on the date of presentation. However, her smile and laughter upon leaving seemed to belie an undercurrent of an even more resentful, sharp tide.

Omar was accused of being a ‘malicious and evil person’ who ‘systematically excluded people of color’

Coming to Ponderosa on day 23, Omar revealed that he was greeted by people who say, in essence, “You are a malicious and vicious person whom I do not respect, who has systematically wiped out people of color in favor of Jonathan [Young] And the Lindsey [Dolashewich]And we disrespect you, and you are so lucky that you didn’t make it to the end because we would have embarrassed you in front of everyone in the Final Tribal Council.”

Shocked and appalled by the accusations, Omar began to doubt himself and wonder if the harsh allegations might be true after all. Omar said of the people he supposedly hurt: “You want to acknowledge and validate their feelings, so if they feel this strongly about me, there must be something I did, or I must be a bad person, or whatever. It could be.” Omar’s self-doubt even reached the point where he basically regretted attending the show in the first place. It is to explain:

I guess for a long time, until leaving the game… I thought it was a mistake to go to the show… “I shouldn’t have gone out there, I shouldn’t have done anything like that, and I should have done it until I did With this experience, because I tried to play a tough but fair game, but I hurt people on a very deep emotional level that I didn’t intend to do.

Omar later found out the source of these retaliatory allegations which continued even after the match ended: “I think after all of that was revealed – and these are also things that came up after the match and months later – where all this anger was ‘this was kind of directed at me that was very spun by one person'” It was revealed that this person was Drea Wheeler.

The dream spread many lies about Omar to “poison” the jury against him

Derya Wheeler

CBSDerya Wheeler in “Survivor 42”.

Omar went into detail about the kind of lies that Derya spread in Ponderosa. For example, it is claimed that she will tell people that Umar, a devout Muslim, “will pretend to pray when [he] It was a really strategic situation,” and that Omar was constantly asking the production what time it was on the pretext of knowing when to pray, when in fact he had to know “how much time he spent in scrambling.” Omar claimed this lie was particularly awful, because he did not He asks the production “for once” so he knew they wouldn’t tell him.

In addition, Omar shared the story of his father’s death with some of his companions (except Derya) during the game. In Ponderosa, Hay, who was part of the conversation, told Drea about it. She responded by saying that he was lying about that whole story. This lie in particular crossed a line for him. “It’s like, don’t talk about my dad that way, that’s crazy!” Omar said.

He detailed a number of other hostile rumors that Darya allegedly spread, including that he deliberately digging Darya and Chanel Howell against each other for “very sensitive and out of the game stuff”, revealing the fact that she had Knowledge is the advantage of strength Him “in a moment of weakness”, as they were tied to sweat the next morning Episode 9 The Clan Council in which Tori Meehan He was eliminated, and he “took advantage” of these things Cultural and ethnic issues “On a very deep level.”

Of course, those who watched the show know for a fact that these claims are false, as Darya Omar told about the “Knowledge is Power” feature three days later, in Episode 11. Omar explained how he felt after learning about this:

To twist that into something that wasn’t in order to poison the entire jury against me and make sure I lost in a lie is very painful. And when you touch on things like race, religion, and your family, and lie about those things and then systematically put me on the outside… It was crazy to experience this kind of social dynamic where you feel like you can’t even express yourself, or be normal.

“What you see on camera is not how off-camera behavior was,” Omar said of Daria. “And that was very intentional.”

Omar also gave his opinion on why he thought Daria did it – he thought it might have been a way for her to reconcile the Omar she knows and loves in the game versus Omar who betrayed her. “I suspect [Drea] He seemed very convinced that she would win the match,”[so] To get out the way I did by divulging information [at Ponderosa]It’s like, to solve this disparity, it’s like I have to become a monster. And it was so painful to hear that she came up with all these lies about me which were so personal.”

An outcast came to Umar’s defense

Omar also wanted to give a “shout out” to Tori, who he said showed him kindness and compassion that “I will never forget.” Omar said, “Toori was really the one who was like, ‘You don’t deserve this, you shouldn’t be treated this way, they’re wrong, you’re good, don’t let this affect you.’” He added that Tori, who is a real-life therapist, wrote to him “The most beautiful letter I have ever received,” he said, which made him start “crying” upon reading it. “It was very nice,” he said. “And this is Tori—she is a very kind, sympathetic and emotional person.”

In the months that followed, Omar addressed himself and his relationships with other members of the jury who were originally resentful of him for understandable reasons. This was largely due to the blessing of his friendships with Tori, Lindsey, and Chanel, with whom he said he “recovered in Ponderosa,” as well as the psychologists the show made.

In addition, he has since tried to communicate with Drea, but to no avail. Omar said, “I tried for months because I thought I was the problem for months. And then… I realized the enormity of it and talking to a lot of psychologists, I realized the problem wasn’t me… So, there’s nothing I need, because I’m on myself Heal now.”

Omar also revealed that he was not the only victim of this targeted lying campaign:

This behavior is not just limited to me. There were lies told about other people on very deep and personal levels.

However, he did not reveal anything else, saying these stories are for others to share. “It wasn’t just about me alone,” Omar said, “but I feel like I’m the one who can talk first just because it mostly affected me.”

In the event that others would come out and reveal their stories, they certainly wouldn’t be shy about doing so. Fans will be eagerly awaiting how the rest of the story unfolds.

“Survivor” airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET CBS. season 43 It will premiere in September 2022.