North West continues to give her mom heartbreak as Kim Kardashian opens up about what happened with this Christmas card last year

There is always a stubborn child in every family, am I right? For the Kardashian-Wests, this guy always seems to be in the Northwest. The eldest daughter out of four little ones is known to follow the beat of her own drum, so to speak, even if Her cousin has to call her some tricks sometimes. However, it’s clear that she continues to give her mother grief in other ways as Kim Kardashian opens up about what happened with their Christmas card last year.

As it turns out, family photo day is just as upsetting for the 9-year-old as it was for me (and possibly many other people with multiple siblings) growing up. The last episode of the first season of hollow Kardashians (Opens in a new tab) Broadcasting began on June 16, and in it, the show took a while Tristan Thompson’s pregnancy scandal Come to light to offer lighter fare. Namely, Kim Kardashian has been in the midst of controversy among all her children—North, Chicago, Saint and Psalmist—for their matching Christmas pajama shoot. Of course, there were tears, packages and most of the kids running around in shambles at Kardashian’s feet as she fronted the cameras. The reality star revealed in a confession:

You can never predict what our Christmas card will look like because it’s so stressful. always crying. Nobody agrees. Most of the pictures I saw were unusable because North was sticking out her middle finger. It’s days like this when I really need to lock myself up in the room alone for just 30 minutes. Yes, that’s a lot. She is just a mother.