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Unhuman will be available on digital VOD on June 3, 2022.

Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton’s Unhuman has been humorously described as a “Blumhouse Afterschool Special,” meaning it doesn’t resemble the work of more mature filmmakers. After winning the third season of Project Greenlight as writers on Feast on the creatures of the pubs, the duo amassed notoriety by writing a few series of Saw and The Collection (Dunstan would direct the latter, as well as direct Unhuman). Dunstan and Milton’s signature soon becomes savage cutters that stress “torture porn,” but Unhuman proves they can connect with the softer aspects of the genre. It’s a teen horror gateway—at times it feels a lot like ‘olds’ writing ‘young’—but it delivers an anti-bullying punch that successfully blends sinister dangers and public service formats with a deceptive grin.

Unhuman takes a “straightforward” approach to horror when outcast heroine Brianne Tju and her cohorts fall into doomsday chaos. Their field trip driver crashes into something, blood drenches the windshield before the bus crashes, and radio broadcasts reveal a chemical attack that has sent America into a state of pandemonium. These afflicted begin to transform into savage monsters with makeup effects that track veins and mirror zombie traits. Famous jocks, Dungeon Master locked at the table, and confused faces must band together if there is any hope of survival. Perhaps with the advent of the apocalypse, they can stop calling each other mischievous names and realize that together they are stronger than annoying anyone else from afar?

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