Ninh’s Solomon Doncern won the WIAA Division I singles title

MADISON — Solomon Duncerne, a sophomore in Neneh, turned down his rejection as he controlled freshman Ethan Poe of Middleton to win the WIAA Division I singles tennis championship on Saturday afternoon.

The Ninha duo of Nolan Kobek and Khaled Saleh finished their season 35-2 while the Rockets finished fourth, falling to Henry Irwin and Red Scullen of Brookfield East in a third-place playoff, 4-6, 6-1, (10-2). ).

In Division 2, the Xavier doubles team of Nick Bittner and Nate Hall finished fourth, falling to college-school Joey Darrow and Jack Savage, 6-4, 6-3.

Doncern never lags behind as he netted a 6-2, 6-0 victory in the title match at the Nielsen Tennis Court.

“It feels great,” Duncerne said. “I’ve been remembering this moment for a while. This is a dream of mine, my goal. I was watching when I was younger, all the guys here are going crazy. Being out there is a special moment for me.”

Ninh's Solomon Doncern won the Division I Singles Championship on Saturday.

Dunsirn had a plan to play and stuck to it.

“Just keep the pedal on the metal,” he said. “(Ethan) is a good player and when he goes into an area he really takes some good shots and plays really well. I know I had to keep the pressure on him on every point, stick to my game, trust my shots. Overall, I feel it was a great moment. Glad to do it for Nina.”