The San Francisco 49ers faced some serious roster change with their offensive line, with left-footed guard Laken Tomlinson going to the New York Jets on free agency, while quarterback Alex Mack opted to retire after one season with the organization.

In addition, correct processing Mike McClinchy He’s coming off a quadriceps injury that kept him out of the second half of the 2021 NFL season, although head coach Kyle Shanahan believes the Notre Dame producer should be ready for training camp.

earlier this week, PFF’s Mike Renner has arranged the 2022 offensive line in several levelsSlight or no weaknesses (level 1), raised floor (level 2), high potential (level 3), at least one good treatment (level 4), uninspiring (level 5), and problematic (level 6).

Renner put the 49ers’ offensive line in the third tier, ranked them 14th among the NFL, and predicted Trent WilliamsAnd the Aaron BanksAnd the Jake BrindleAnd the Daniel Brunskilland Mike McGlinchy like starting from left to right.

“[Trent Williams and Mike McGlinchey] “It’s one of a treat duos,” Renner wrote, “but the interior is a jumble of unproven youth.” “The player to watch is former second-round goalkeeper Aaron Banks, who only played five shots as a rookie in 2021. But he is a former second-round player and has a golden opportunity to replace Laken Tomlinson on the left side.”

Renner ranked the 49ers’ offensive streak as the second best streak in the division, with the Rams coming in at 11th, and the Cardinals and Seahawks at 25th and 32nd, respectively.

While All-Pro’s Trent Williams was a first-team lead in 2021, there are questions related to each of the other four points of the offensive line, justifying the standings at the moment.