NESN has launched an app featuring live streaming of Red Sox and Bruins games

For those without a traditional NESN, there are two plans available at $29.99 per month. There’s a monthly option with a $1 promotional offer for the first month, while the $329.99 prepaid annual plan, for a limited time, comes with eight Red Sox tickets.

Sean McGrail, NESN President and CEO, described the streaming app as a “companion product” to what the network currently offers, and one that will evolve.

“This is another opportunity for us to make sure that fans have the ability to watch the teams they love,” McGrill said. “There are changes in the media landscape, there is no doubt about it, and this is a way of responding to make sure that we have unilateral access to all of New England, and all the people who are fans of our teams to get access to those products.”

Eighty percent of NESN is owned by Fenway Sports Group, the parent company of the Red Sox, with the rest owned by Bruins.

As with its fibre-optic, satellite dish or cable cousins, a NESN 360 user will only be able to stream content if their phone, computer, smart TV, Apple TV, or Roku device is located within New England, minus Fairfield County in the state of New England. Connecticut.

After downloading, the NESN-less customer will choose the monthly or annual plan, while the subscriber links their app with their existing provider account.

Open the app, and a home page will appear, with the two best clickable options whatever is on NESN or NESN+ at that moment. Scroll down, and there’ll be a library of diverse video-on-demand features, such as recently-produced David Ortiz, Jerry Remy and Bruins specials, as well as full re-broadcasts of previous Red Sox games, including nationally televised games.

There will also be unique content for the streaming app that won’t be broadcast on old school NESN.

Red Sox fan Jared Carrabis will have his own show “Beyond Fenway with Jared Carrabis” featuring social visits with Red Sox players.

“Pitching Ninja,” aka Rob Friedman, will provide an inside look at the Red Sox monument.

Collaboration with other content providers, including Globe, is in the works.

Later this summer, NESN plans to bring ultra-high definition streaming to the app, make streaming content available on Fire TV and Google TV apps, and possibly carry a live Red Sox gameplay feed.

This variety of options package is one of three components that went into the network’s thinking when it settled on the $30-a-month price, said Ahmed Darwish, NESN’s chief marketing officer.

“What we offer is a one-of-a-kind offering, no one else does in the market, 220 games straight from the Red Sox and Bruins, two of the best franchises in all sports, plus additional content that we create specifically for this,” Darwish said.

According to Darwish, the price also affects the promotional value of the first month option of $1 for monthly users and $450 for Red Sox tickets. The Bruins promotional ticket is coming up in the fall.

Sports betting is legal in half of New England – Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire – but not significantly in Massachusetts. However, Darwish said: “There is a way to integrate sports betting in the future [on NESN 360]. “

FSG’s significant stake in content-producing SpringHill Entertainment, which is owned by FSG partners LeBron James and Maverick Carter, presents another potential path to integrate NESN 360 into the FSG group of companies.

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