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Square Enix celebrated Thirty-sixth birthday subordinate Dragon Adventure Series in Japan through the release of the original Dragon Quest Builders ($21.99) on mobile. Dragon Quest Builders It was a pleasant surprise to me when I played PS4 in 2016. If you haven’t heard of it before Dragon Quest Buildersit is an occasional series that mixes Maine Craft Aesthetic and construction with charm Dragon Adventure. the original Dragon Quest Builders I’ve seen a sequel on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC that builds (no pun intended) on the original in almost every way which makes it a much better game. This is what made the mobile version of this first game a bit baffling. Having played it across multiple iPhones and iPads alongside consoles to compare visuals, Square Enix has done a great deal of improving the game here, but there are a few baffling issues that prevent it from being as great as it should be on mobile.

Dragon Quest Builders It is set in the world of the first Dragon Adventure A game where you play as a builder whose aim is to rebuild the world after it was destroyed by the Dragonlord. what made Dragon Quest Builders Especially for me when I originally played it, how perfectly it took its sides Maine Craft I enjoyed, and mixed with these Dragon Adventure Storytelling, writing, enemies and more. I didn’t bother playing too much Maine Craft with Dragon Quest Builders And the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Available on most platforms I own. These games are good and add just enough direction and mechanics to get me involved unlike Maine Craft I never understood it that much.

structurally Dragon Quest Builders A bit strange at first. Progress is reset somewhat at the location of each chapter. You don’t do it all over again like the first chapter, but it’s not a major ongoing adventure as you’d expect in a Dragon Adventure Game. The chapters here are huge, and honestly I was happy with the game right after the first chapter on PS4, with the amount of time I had. This isn’t a big deal, but you better figure this out before you set out and spend a lot of time thinking that whatever you’re building here will carry over to the next chapter which is basically a new settlement map. I also recommend making a different directory that is saved for each class for this reason.

Let’s get this out of the way. Dragon Quest Builders It basically doesn’t have controller support on iOS. You can pair a controller and use the analog stick to move, but the only other button that works is the options button on the PS4/PS5 controller that is set to jump. Nothing else on the console is working. There is some silver lining though. Square Enix did a great job using the touch controls on the iPhone specifically. On the iPad, it’s not good, but I’ll get to the iPad issues a little later. The combination of the iPhone’s great touch controls and new added features make this the best version of the original Dragon Quest Builderswith some big caveats.

after you played Dragon Quest Builders On PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch before, I was excited to revisit it on iOS to see how it holds up for more than half a decade after debuting in the West, how it plays on a touchscreen, and compares it on different platforms and iOS devices as usual. With Square Enix’s premium mobile versions, it’s as if the company is throwing arrows at a board to decide which essential features to skip for each version. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters The latest example of this still lacks console support on mobile. Dragon Quest Builders On iOS it basically doesn’t support console as mentioned above, but real Snappy doesn’t support iCloud save. For a deep game like this where you’ll invest at least a dozen hours, there’s no way to backup your progress, let alone sync it to another iOS device, is horrible.

Except for these issues, Square Enix has brought some useful features to Dragon Quest Builders on iOS. You can save anywhere as opposed to being limited to the console version. The lack of save anywhere on the Switch made it difficult to get it working properly while navigating in short bursts. Additionally, the mobile version includes an undo button with a decent history of your actions that you can undo. It also has support for tapping the screen to destroy and place blocks. These are amazing additions that make running the original console versions a chore. I revisited it to compare it to the iPhone and iPad version I have, and it really stands out.

Except for the new features, Square Enix also has some paid DLC available Dragon Quest Builders on iOS and Android. These are mainly for the creative mode and not for the main story chapters. Once you unlock Terra Incognita in the game after a bit of playing, you can use this creative mode to build on more over time as you unlock the new recipe while finishing more of the main story. The mobile download includes only new content for Terra Incognita including an all-in-one package that makes the purchase more reasonable than individual priced items.

So with no console support and no cloud backup, it Dragon Quest Builders Still worth it on iOS? The answer is yes, if you play it on a newer iPhone. I tested it on iPhone SE (original), iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 12, iPhone 11. On iPhone 11 and 12, it works very well, but has heating issues. For average graphics, it’s fairly good, while the iPhone 7 Plus and SE struggled to maintain close to 60fps (which the Switch version rarely does properly) unless I’m running low with the SE which struggles there as well.

in its current condition, Dragon Quest Builders It feels under-optimized with its power consumption causing the devices to overheat rather quickly. This darkens the screen and degrades performance. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if the lower graphics options already had the interface and the text at least look clear. When graphics are set to a low value, text is blurry. I hope an update (yes I can hear you all laughing since this is a Square Enix mobile game) can remedy this thing because Dragon Quest Builders There is no doubt that it will be very successful on mobile in Japan at least.

If you are thinking Dragon Quest Builders To play on the iPad, you may want to wait. In its current state, the game appears to have a lot of performance issues even on the iPad Pro (2020). For reference, my iPhone 11 with high graphics runs the game better than the iPad Pro (2020) on average. The iPad Air 2 felt like it was playing on the Switch on the high setting. The other issue is that the controls have no customization with the positioning which I could find makes it not look nice or intuitive depending on how you hold your iPad and what model it is. Running at a low level wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t make the text and interface also low in fidelity as mentioned above.

Now the question is, if you don’t care about the new features and just want to know the version Dragon Quest Builders It looks and works better, the answer is the modern iPhone version. I can’t get to the M1 iPad for comparison, but for now, the iPhone version works just as well as the PS4 version on the PS5. One thing to note is that the PS4 version had some performance issues related to frame speed on PS4 and PS4 Pro only in the North American and European local version which were never fixed. These issues were not present in the Japanese version. On the Switch, the game runs at a unlocked frame rate at all times and never feels smooth thanks to frame speed issues that make it feel inconsistent. On PS Vita, the game targets a low framerate and is not really worth your time compared to other versions.

Blocking of cloud save support which is a must, I would like to see proper console support added as this game was literally only available on consoles until the mobile version. Square Enix also needs to push an update soon to address heating/power consumption and iPad version performance issues. This is probably one of the best premium games on iOS, but some of these issues should be addressed as soon as possible.

in its current condition, Dragon Quest Builders It’s a great game, but I can only recommend it with a few big caveats and if you’re going to stick with playing it on a modern iPhone. If you care about cloud saving, it’s not here. Console support is basically absent as well. If you think about it on the latest iPhone, it’s amazing. On the iPad, for some reason, it works a lot worse than I expected even on the iPad Pro (2020) and feels almost as bad as the Switch version on an older iPad Pro with inconsistent performance. Square Enix did a great job with its new touch controls and quality of life features making this the best version of the game on paper, but power consumption issues need to be addressed.

While Dragon Quest Builders will not replace Dragon Quest Builders 2 For me, the original iOS version is now the best way to try it even with the mentioned issues if you are playing on a newer iPhone. Taking into account the Dragon Quest Builders Still $59.99 on PS4 and $49.99 on Nintendo Switch After all these years, asking price on mobile doesn’t sound as bad as it is, but I’d never fault anyone for reluctance to support Square Enix pricing on mobile given how. Bad post-launch support can get with future iOS and iPadOS releases. This would probably be a 5/5 game on mobile, but Square Enix being Square Enix has dragged it down from being as good as it could be on iOS and Android. or not Dragon Quest Builders 2 It’s finally on mobile and has a much better initial release.