Microsoft Store Awards highlight the best apps for Windows 11

Best Windows 11 Apps Award

With Microsoft continuing its big bet on the redesigned Windows Store, the tech giant is all set to take home the Best Apps award for Windows 11 and Windows 10. The selections below reflect global scores, and the list of best apps has been finalized after ratings by votes from users.

The new Microsoft Store has been a big talking point since its launch along with Windows 11. Microsoft is promoting the new Store as a one-stop destination for finding apps built with different frameworks, including XAML, Win32, and more.

The store is also the home of Amazon Android apps and there are already apps from the likes of Disney and WhatsApp. Another new initiative is the Microsoft Users’ Choice Store Awards. This is just one way to honor the best desktop apps in the Windows 11 Store.

Here are the Windows Store App Awards winners

The selections below reflect global results, with Ookla’s ShareX and Speedtest winning in the Utilities category.


The second place in this category is “Fluent Screen Recorder” which is a modern application based on XAML-UWP that allows you to record your screen with easy to use controls.

fluent screen recorder

Here is a list of the final contenders in this category:

  • Ffast – Two-factor authentication tool that supports TOTP
  • Fluent Screen Recorder – An app to record your screen.
  • MyASUS – An app to manage your ASUS device and contact company support when your device has problems. MyASUS also lets you manage WiFi settings, improve battery life, and more.
  • Screenbits – Screen Recorder: This is a new screen recorder with basic and advanced controls.
  • ShareX – ShareX is our favorite open source app for taking screenshots, GIFs, and more.
  • Speedtest by Ookla: A simple app to test the performance of your internet connection.
  • Torrex Lite – Torrent Downloader.
  • Visum Photo Viewer: A modern alternative to the photo app.
  • WiFi Analyzer: A new application for monitoring and optimizing wireless connections.

File management category

There are two winners in this category – Files and Rufus. While Files is a full UWP and a modern alternative to File Explorer, Rufus lets you create bootable installation media for Windows.

Files for Windows 11

Here is a list of the final contenders in this category:

  • 8 Zip – a simple application for archiving and extracting compressed files.
  • Files app – a powerful file management app. It comes with tab support, full dark mode, WinUI controls, rounded corners, and Mica.
  • HEIC to JPEG – Simple application to convert HEIC to JPEG.
  • IrfanView64 – A very fast, compact and innovative image viewer/converter for Windows.
  • Metro Commander – Another modern file manager for Windows.
  • Mp3tag – A powerful and easy-to-use application for changing metadata of audio files, such as ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA and more.
  • NanaZip – A third-party alternative to 7Zip with a modern interface and more.
  • one leader.
  • QuickLook – This app enables the QuickView feature which is similar to macOS for Windows 11.
  • Rufus.
  • Shrestha Files Pro – New and modern file manager.

Open platform category

This category is specifically intended for open source projects. In the Open Platform category, there are three winners – Auto Dark Mode, EarTrumpet and Modern Flyouts.

Auto Dark Mode is a simple app that enables dark mode automatically based on your local time, EarTrumpet is a powerful open source alternative to Windows taskbar audio mixer.

EarTrumpet for Windows 11

The third winner in this category is Modern Flyouts which is our favorite.

Modern Flyouts
Modern Flyouts

While Windows 11 is the biggest redesign of Windows ever, some interface elements are still outdated, and one of those areas is the flyer popup.

Modern Flyouts is a simple app that replaces the small popups that appear when you adjust the volume or brightness with a modern look.