Marvel Studios drops MCU Canon with new Disney + Show

The quick approach is one of the most interesting parts of the MCU pipeline I grew up series. Recently announced will premiere on August 10This project will see a pint-sized plant take on all kinds of adventures. However, although the series is fairly close to being released on Disney+, not much is known about it.

The project is slightly different from other Marvel shows that exist as a file set of cartoon shorts Rather than a typical piece of TV. Moreover, unlike the rest of the projects in which Guardians of the Galaxy were involved, Including those where the team plays a smaller roleJames Gunn (Writer and Director Guardians of the Galaxy films) seem to be less involved in this project.

James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy

Although the series appears to differ slightly from the typical exploits of The Guardians, fans of the savage group of heroes will continue to get their fix, with the team appearing in Thor: Love and ThunderAnd the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Specialand triple their own Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3All of which are scheduled to be launched within the next year.

anyway I grew up Already occupying an interesting position within the MCU, taking a slightly different approach to storytelling, James Gunn’s recent comments only add to the project’s uniqueness.

Is “I Groot” the MCU Canon?

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy

New information straight from Gunn himself reveals that the next I grew up The project is not canon for the rest of the MCU. In response to fans on Twitter, Gan seem By indicating a small distance between the serial and his work. Asked about the display position in guardians Scheduled, the white-haired writer put the projects separate.

“They are short animated films, so they are not necessarily part of the Guardians saga.”

When asked directly about the ecclesiastical of I grew upGunn again I suggested No greater connection with the MCU.

“They’re canon for themselves, I think.”

After a question about the possibility I grew up Link to future Guardians projects, Gunn replied With the letter “no”.

Finally, it’s over InstagramJean put it to bed, saying emphatically that the shorts “No canon for the Guardian saga.”

Gan Comments

So is this good or bad for the MCU?

Gunn is no stranger to Twitter, he’s previously jumped on the podium to talk about it The future with Marvel and DC and for Putting things right about the transmission scam. Here, Gunn takes up a topic I grew upCanon with a similar level of frankness.

While Gunn’s responses start out as a bit vague, somewhat dancing around the question, his later comments clear things up, with Gunn revealing that not only will Gunn I grew up String does not play a greater role in guardians Epic, but it is also not part of the canon.

It’s somewhat interesting that this is the first time fans have heard about the inadequacy of the upcoming series. This kind of silence is likely to keep interest in the project, with Marvel not fully supporting the announcement that it is not connected to the broader MCU.

In addition, to some extent, the illegal status of the show is not exactly that important. adventures I grew upAs exciting as it is, it likely won’t affect the larger story of Guardians of the Galaxy in any significant way, and instead exists as a fun, stand-alone series. In this sense, the canon is not entirely important, as the series offers some lighthearted fun that doesn’t necessarily need to fit in with the Guardians story being told within the MCU.

Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney Plus

Gan was eager to explain I grew upHis position in the Guardians story makes sense, as it is No one is running the project. world and characters Guardians of the Galaxy be It’s obviously too personal for a guyso it makes sense that he wants to make people aware of this show’s relationship to his work, especially since fans seem to be just as curious.

Regardless of the significance of this news in the future I grew up In the series, it also shows an interesting twist in the MCU. Along with some previous Marvel TV shows (which still occupy an interesting and inconspicuous spot in the MCU), this is the first time a new project has been confirmed outside of franchise law.

While it’s unclear if this is a new or one-time decision, it’s at least a new approach for Marvel, especially with the series taking items directly from the franchise. Perhaps, if the series succeeds, fans can expect more non-canon stories to play with characters from the MCU. There may also be some projects that have already been announced in the same vein, such as coming Spider-Man: Year One.

Interestingly enough, Gunn actually did that touched on the topic of canon before, which helps shed light on this current decision. Once again responding to fan questions on Twitter, Gunn noted that DC and Marvel don’t interact much with Canon questions, and instead focus on Make the story better. So, even while fans are fiercely discussing things like Canon Shield Agents Or Marvel Netflix shows, the companies themselves are less interested. As such, the calm surrounding the reveal of the non-canon display case makes sense.

Even as Jan (along with fans) might be keen to explain I grew upIn terms of the MCU, the company itself is less concerned with such designations, and instead prioritizes the nature and quality of the stories being told.