Manmiller’s Night at Grandview Speedway, Father Doug, Son Cody, features a Saturday Night Sweep for the second time in track history

Doug Manmiller of Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania raced home to turn 30The tenth A career-winning advantage in the modified 30-lap TP Trailer NASCAR feature Saturday night at Grandview Speedway, on the track’s 60th anniversary season in motorsports.

Making the evening even more satisfying for the veteran driver, he watched his son, Cody Manmiller of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, race home to his first Grandview Speedway career 25 lap TP Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman, right after his win.

Once before in Grandview’s 60-year track history, father and son won features on the same night, when Randy and Mike Bailey were Twin-35-lap NASCAR Modified winners on June 20, 1998.

The evening’s program was part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Racing Series. The two winners received additional money from TP Trailers and Truck Equipment, sponsors of the Modified ($300) and Sports ($200) sections of Speedway.

For Doug Manmiller, he was able to snatch the lead from Jordan Hene of Kutztown, Pennsylvania with just four laps left, after the duo were part of an exciting five-car battle for the lead. Hain was leading since lap 12, after taking the lead from strong Eric Bean who runs Bartow, Pennsylvania.

Cody Manmiller’s win was equally dramatic, chasing longtime race leader Hunter Italice of Germansville, Pennsylvania, also searching for his first win of his career, taking the lead on the third turn on lap 21 and running the last four laps to secure victory.

The TP Trailer Modified started with Biehn taking the lead from the spot on the green. Quickly, Bobby Gunther Walsh of Allentown, Pennsylvania and Hayne joined in, for a three-car battle for the lead.

The first warning on lap six for a straight forward tangle between Ryan Peltz of Bartow, PA and Mike Lisowski of Minersville, PA, reset the field.

At the start of the second half, Biehn and Henn withdrew from the rest of the group and began a battle for the lead. Tim Buckwalter of Douglasville, Pennsylvania, quickly joined the race for the lead on lap eight, after leading from 13The tenth The starting point.

Henn was finally able to snatch the lead from Biehn’s strong run on the 12th lap, with Buckwalter next two laps later.

Soon separate fights erupted up front, between Henn and Buckwalter for the lead, between Brett Kressley of Orefield, Pa. , up from 15The tenth Spot, Manmiller is ahead of his 14The tenth 1st place in 3rd, and a three-car fight for 5th place between Biehn and Jeff Strunk of Boyertown, Pa. and John Willman of Birdsboro, Pa.

By lap 20 during a long green-flag run, the leaders were in the wrap-around traffic, and things really narrowed up front, as multiple car battles joined together. Henn led, followed by Buckwalter, Chrisley, Behn and Manmiller.

Manmiller started to advance once things tightened, moving up to fifth on lap 15, fourth on lap 18, third lap later and second on lap 23, mostly by running the top lane around the highway. Once to a second, Hene chased after, and the two ran side by side until Manmiller made an outside pass to score on lap 26.

After losing the lead, Henn attempted to change lanes and regain the lead, only to get one side in turn. Before he could correct the car, Strunk clipped it, and the contact damaged the front end of his car, causing him to stop one turn for only the second alert from the event.

Manmiller fired quickly at the start of the second half and faced no challenge, driving the remaining four laps to score the win. After Manmiller to the chopper after the sensational advantage were Buckwalter, Kressley, Strunk and Biehn, who scored his first five positions of the season after running up front all night.

The rest of the top ten were Wellman, Craig von Dohren of Ole, Pennsylvania, Nate Brinker of McCongey, Pennsylvania, Duane Howard of Ole, Pennsylvania, and Craig Whitmoyer of Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

Chrisley, Bien, Wellman and von Dohren won the 38-car field qualifying heat races. Condolences were won by Kevin Graver Jr. of Leheaton, Pennsylvania, and Jared Ompenhauer of Richland, Pennsylvania.

The TP Truck Equipment Sportsman looked as though Hunter Iatalese was going to score his first-ever win. Iatalese took the lead when the green fell and galloped away to a big lead over the rest of the field fighting for center, until he was warned on lap 10 by a spinning Lex Schiff of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, and reset the field.

The field behind Iatalese on lap 10 was Mark Gaugler of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, Tyler James of Beardsboro, Pennsylvania, Nate Horn of Slatidal, Pennsylvania, and Mike Myers of Alportes, Pennsylvania.

At this point Manmiller was sitting 9th, but quickly went to work on the restart, and advanced to lap 5 later, 3rd on lap 12, and 2nd on lap 14.

Once in second, Manmiller was a long way behind the Iatalese, but the leaders were up to the traffic at this point, and the race was on. On lap 18 Manmiller caught Itales, and the two had a big battle for the lead, with Itales at the bottom and Manmiller at the top.

While this was happening at the front, Dylan Hoech of Mertztown, Pennsylvania and Jimmy Libby of West Milford, NJ were making their way to the front after starting 13The tenth and 17The tenth Straight.

On lap 21, Manmiller finally managed to pass the ball forward on the outside lane down the backstroke into the third turn. After securing the lead, he managed to skip the remaining laps to score his first career win at Grandview, followed by Iatalese and James who scored their career best in second and third. He was followed in fourth and fifth place by Hoch and Libby.

Horn, Nathan Mohr of Reading, Pennsylvania, and Cole Stangl of Nichanec Station, NJ, and Mike Shenk Jr of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and Googler completed the top 10.

Iatalese, Gaugler and Myers all won 33 qualifying races on the pit, with consolation going to Stangle.

Next weekend begins another double-action program with the Outlaw Racing Series Enduro and Outlaw Racing Series Vintage racers on Friday, June 10 starting at 7 p.m.

The TP Trailer NASCAR Modifieds and TP Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman will run another double-header program this coming Saturday, June 11, starting at 7:30 p.m. The program will include qualifying events leading to the 30-lap TP Trailer Modified feature and the TP Truck Equipment Sportsman main event. The crater gates will open at 4pm. With the amphitheater gates open at 5:30pm. Warm-up starts at 6:30 pm. Adult amphitheater admission is $18, while children under 12 are free to enter.

This will be another show of the season produced by ATVN-TV. The races will be broadcast on a tape postponement basis the following Tuesday night, with more replays to follow. ATVN broadcasts on Channel 4/1004 HD (Lehigh Valley) and Channel 8/608 (Delaware County). Air dates and times can be found at

East Penn Manufacturing DEKA batteries will be on hand for the Night Recruiter and will sponsor TP Trailer Modified qualifying heat race events.

TP TRAILER NASCAR FINISH MODIFIED (30 laps): Doug Manmiller, Tim Buckwalter, Brett Kressley, Jeff Strink, Eric Bean, John Wellman, Craig von Dohren, Nate Brinker, Duane Howard, Craig Whitmoyer, Jared Ampenhauer, Jesse Libby, Kevin Graver Jr., Corey Merkel, Ron Haring Jr, Kevin Hertler , Brad Arnold, Darren Schuller, Mike Lies, Joe Funk, Carol Heine III, Dan Weissbacher, Justin Grimm, Bobby Gunther Walsh, Jordan Hen, Brad Grimm, Ryan Peltz, Mike Lisowski

Did not qualify: Brad Brightbell, Ray Swinehart, Steve Swinehart, Dylan Swinehart, Bobby Traber Jr., Dave Desinger, Mark Kratz, Brett Gilmore, Glenn Owens, Kyle Lillick

TP TRUCK EQUIPMENT NASCAR SPORTSMAN FEATURE FEATURE FINURE (25 laps): Cody Manmiller, Hunter Itales, Tyler James, Dylan Hoech, Jamie Libby, Nathan Horn, Nathan Mohr, Cole Stangl, Mike Schnick Jr, Mark Gugler, Brian Hurtler, Parker Goldin, Kyle Smith, Jesse Hurtler, Josh Adams, Mike Myers, Chris Esposito, Dakota Koehler, Adriana DePonte, Kenny Book, Jesse Landis, Joey Vaccaro, Zane Roth, Lex Schiff

Did not qualify: Logan Bowman, Matt Clay, Ryan Graver, Decker Swinehart, Anthony Reisner, Brian Rhodes, Beau Drobot, Zach Stevie, Colton Berry

upcoming events –

Friday, June 10 – Outlaw Racing Series Enduro and Outlaw Racing Series Vintage – 7pm.

Saturday, June 11th – TP Trailer NASCAR Modification, TP Truck Equipment NASCAR Athletic – 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, June 14 – NAPA Auto Parts THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES – USAC National Sprint Series Eastern Storm Jesse Hockett Classic, Tri-Track Series 358 Modifieds – 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 18 – TP Trailer NASCAR Modification, TP Truck Equipment NASCAR Athletic – 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, June 25 – Modified TP Trailer NASCAR, TP Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman plus Outlaw Racing Series Vintage – 7:30 p.m.

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