Landon Collins’ contract is missing. Does that affect Terry McLaurin’s deal?

Last Wednesday was a pivotal date for Washington’s leaders’ financial affairs. Safety Landon Collins, who was released earlier this season with a post-June 1 appointment, has officially taken his paycheck from the books.

By releasing Collins, the leaders saved $11.8 million in cover space for the 2022 season. According to OverTheCapWashington now has approximately $18.4 million of space allocated for the upcoming year, the seventh largest room of any club.

So, with Washington’s newly acquired cover space, what’s next? Well, leaders have some options.

For starters, Washington could choose a veteran signature or two on its roster. The Linebacker is still needed, especially after the club did not draft one in April, and veterans such as Anthony Hitchens, Joe Schubert and Con Alexander are still available.

Last year, Washington made two signatures after enlisting in the left-handed deal with Charles Leno and the safety of Bobby McCain. Both players performed well in 2021 and secured multi-year deals with the club earlier this year.

During the junior camp in early May, head coach Ron Rivera was asked about the possibility of adding a few more veterans to his roster. Did not rule it out.

“I think we have time,” Rivera said. “Last year we found our left intervention in Charles Leno in June, we found a return [DeAndre Carter] In June, so we have time. I mean the last time I looked, the start was the second weekend in September.”

However, while adding a veteran or two could help the leaders in the short term, there is one specific way Washington fans hope the team will spend its newly liberated cash. That would be on wide receiver star Terry McLaurin, who is Currently away from the team Because he seeks a profitable contract extension.

McLaurin, a third-round pick in 2019, is entering the final year of his rookie contract. So far, the 26-year-old has brought in Profits of just over $3 million. Under his current deal, McLaurin is set to make $2.79 million in 2022.

Anyone who’s followed the Leaders — or the NFL, for that matter — over the past three seasons knows that McLaurin has vastly outdone his contract. In 2019, he came just nine yards away from breaking the franchise rookie record for yards. Over the past two seasons, McLaurin has put on consecutive 1,000-yard runs despite needing two hands to count the number of assists he has taken from them.

The wide receiver market has boomed this season, as now 10 Scroll Hunters Will Make $20 Million Or More In 2022. AJ Brown, McLaurin’s 2019 fellow recruit, just signed a four-year, $100 million extension with the Eagles after he was traded from Tennessee to Philadelphia on draw night. McLaurin can certainly use the Brown deal as an objective point in the negotiations.

Despite MacLaurin’s continued disapproval, Rivera remained confident that the two sides would reach an agreement.

“We’ve made contact with them,” Rivera said on May 24. “We’ve worked with them. It’s only a matter of time.”

So how can Collins’ contract be considered a factor in the potential extension of Maclaurin? Well, the fact of the matter is at least for 2022, not so much.

If McLaurin signs an extension, the increased base salary from his new contract will not start until 2023 (unless the team rips the final year off their current deal, which is unusual). Yes, you will get a guaranteed profitable amount of money upon signing up, but the leaders will have the flexibility to distribute it in terms of hitting the cap. The truth is that McLaurin’s cap achieved in 2022 will be very cheap, even if it falls on a long-term extension.

It is also worth noting that the Washington and MacLaurin camp began negotiations long before Collins’ contract was rescinded. Yes, the lack of a Collins contract freed up space, but the leaders could have paid MacLaurin regardless.

Ultimately, Collins’ contract should not be a reason to derail negotiating talks between McLaurin and the team. It’s about finding the right number that works for both sides.

Optimism from Rivera should give leaders confidence over a possible extension of MacLaurin. However, only time will tell if this will be done or not.