Kaelen Hill, Elgton Jenkins, Robert Tonian of the Packers run to return from ACL injuries. “Time Will Tell” by David Bakhtiari – Green Bay Packers Blog

Green Bay, Wes – The Race Between Keelen HillAnd the Elgton Jenkins And the Robert Tonian.

All three Green Bay Packers ruptured their ACL within weeks of each other last fall. They did rehab side by side and now that they’re about to come back, every player wants to be the first to come back.

“Between Rob and Elgton, they go to it every single day,” said Hill, the returnee who kicks back and has a ruptured ACL in his right knee on Oct. 28 against the Cardinals. “I stay calm and sit in the background and laugh at him.

“All of us, we are very happy to be together for these rehab sessions, ready to hit the field.”

Jenkins, who tore his left anterior cruciate ligament, suffered his injury after three and a half weeks against the Vikings. Like Hill, Tonian (left ACL) was also hit against the Cardinals.

“I, he, Elgton, we talk every day,” Hill said. “We are ready to go back and work together on the pitch.”

The obvious goal is to get back to start training camp on July 27th. For Hill and Tonian, that would be about nine months after their injury. The most realistic goal is the first week. However, Jenkins may be a few weeks late. Everyone spent the entire vacation period in a rehab program while the rest of the team underwent mini camps and OTAs, which wrapped up this week.

“Right now, he’s just continuing to work,” Jenkins said. “When it’s time for me to get out there, when I feel comfortable and the coaches are comfortable, we will.”

However, the cautionary tale left a handle David Bakhtiari. He ruptured his left anterior cruciate ligament during training December 31, 2020. This made his preparation for the inaugural 2021 tournament a long shot, so it came as no surprise when he started the season in a list physically unable to perform. The surprise, however, was that he didn’t play his first shots – and what turned out to be his only shots – from the season until his Week 18 game against the Lions. This was supposed to be a qualifying rehearsal, but instead it was stopped again.

Bakhtiari’s problems may not end. He hasn’t participated in a single practice this off season. Instead, he spent his time in a rehab group with Hill, Jenkins, and Tonian.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur said “time will tell” as to whether Bakhtiari will return at the start of training camp. “We fully expect him to be ready to go, but we did that last year as well. So I think time will tell. But we feel good about the work he has done and where he is.”

If the Packers get all four ACL players back for the season, many issues will be dealt with.

Bakhtiari will return to the left, as he was the first professional. That would allow Jenkins, who was hurt when playing Bakhtiari, to return to the left guard, where he played the Pro Bowl in 2020, or become the new right tackle after that. Billy Turner issued. Tonian will return to being the tighter end of the team given that Pack has not drafted or signed a free agent in the position. and Hill, while serving as No. 3 running backwards Aaron Jones And the A.J. Dillonprobably the best return for new Special Teams coordinator Rich Bisakia.

“These are some really important players for us,” LaFleur said. “They are doing really well while they are here.”