Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things: “Thematically silly wig” | Weird things

“THis year is my year. I can feel it.” This line was said by character Eddie Monson in the first episode of the fourth season of the hit Netflix show. Weird thingsbut could have been pronounced easily by actor Joseph Quinn.

It takes talent to join a much loved TV cast in their fourth season and become a fan favorite. This series of Weird things Netflix has scored by reaching #1 in 83 countries and watched more than Bridgeton. But as the charismatic and vulnerable character of Monsoon, the 28-year-old Quinn has been a huge hit. He only joined Instagram in May and already has over 1.6 million followers.

His character is the thick-haired metal head who runs Hellfire Club, Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons Society – with a sideline in the drug trade and a band called Coroded Coffin. He soon finds himself at the center of the latest sci-fi epic adventure. A prime suspect in a horrific murder and accused of demon worship, Monson becomes the most wanted man in an Indiana town.

Quinn manages to even steal his first scene: jumping on the table in the school cafeteria, dancing, wagging his tongue, flipping a bird and throwing food in the faces of diners. It’s just the entrance.

“That was so weird,” Quinn says with a laugh. “I auditioned by doing a self-recording of this speech, but it was one of the last scenes I finished shooting. So I waited from November 2019 to June 2021.”

Quinn was born in South London, trained at Lambda, and to date, he is best known for his local drama work. Playing Arthur Havesham in DickensianLeonard Bast in Howards End Ingulras in Les Miserables. He played the role of the Queen’s son, Tsarevich Paul, in Catherine the greatstarred Helen Mirren As Empress of Russia. His theatrical roles include Wish List In the royal court and mosquito in National.

Quinn as Eddie Monson in Season 4 of Stranger Things.
Quinn as Eddie Monson in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

So Weird things It represented a departure, but the show was lit up by Monson’s arrival. Quinn himself, though, couldn’t be more self-absorbed.

You are getting rave reviews for Weird things. Are you proud?
I’m really relieved, that’s the prevailing feeling. The show is epidemiological. At the end of my first day of filming in Atlanta, we went into lockdown. I came home and lost my mind like everyone else. When I came back, it was a completely different experience because I couldn’t go back home [to the UK], so I became very close to the cast. This is the best thing about this business. You go to a strange place and meet a group of strangers. She leaves with a fondness for the place and some dear friends.

You were cast after two self-recorded exams, right?
No meetings, no chemistry reading, and no lengthy process. It was somewhat unusual and extremely disarming. That means I’ve been waiting [creators] In order for the Dover brothers to realize that they were wrong.

Offer exceeded Bridgeton It became the most watched English-language series in Netflix history. Is it difficult to understand such characters?
You’ve gone over a certain number and that’s confusing. I’m so glad people are watching because I can’t tell you how hard everyone is working.

What brings you home How did you get old?
Its impact mainly on the spirit of the times. Kate Bush is now back on the charts, which is wonderful. I was in L.A. last week and two cars passed the Play That Hill Run. I’ve seen people walking down the street wearing Hellfire Club shirts, which were intimidating.

The Dover Brothers acknowledged that the Eddie was loosely modeled on Damien Echols from West Memphis Three. Did you search for it?
Portions are small, but I won’t pretend I did a lot. I tried to wrestle with Dungeons & DragonsBut he agreed that it wouldn’t happen. Music was my main path. I’ve listened to a lot of heavy metal – Black Sabbath, Metallica, Dio – and worked with a brilliant vocal coach named Mary Howland. But 99.7% of the work is that wig.

Oh, you can get a little more credit than that…
Well, wigs are probably only 99.6%. It is objectively absurd. When I take it off, it helps me not to admit it, so it’s been a blessing in that regard.

Quinn, far right, with Rory Kinnear and Helen Mirren in Catherine the Great.
Quinn, far right, with Rory Kinnear and Helen Mirren in Catherine the Great. Photo: TCD / Prod.DB / Alamy

Do you know a lot about The Satanic Panic in the 80s?
Not before getting the role, but it’s a testament to the Duffer brothers how they referred to him in such a sensitive and meticulously executed way. They don’t despise nostalgic or sobering gestures, they just let them live in the world they made. This makes it look authentic – well, it could be a show with an authentic anthropomorphic lizard man.

With you, Charlie Heaton, Millie Bobby Brown, Jimmy Campbell PowerThere’s a big British band in Weird things
It is a testament to the legacy of British representation and the foundations we are building upon here. It is an invaluable thing. I owe a lot to my training, what little I have.

What did you learn from older cast members like Winona Ryder and David HarborWho plays Joyce Byers and Jim Hooper?
Unfortunately, I didn’t have many scenes with them but I went to dinner with David and his wife [Lily Allen]. He was cute and beautiful. I was returning from a party at 2 a.m. recently when I got a text that started: “Hey, it’s Winona!” I thought, “I can’t sit on this,” so I showed my flatmate. I know I’m on a show with her but I’m still a fan. Winona is brilliant – a true example of someone who hasn’t been spoiled by Hollywood. You made all the new guys feel so welcome.

Hellfire Club reunion in Stranger Things Season 4.
Hellfire Club reunion in Stranger Things Season 4. Photo: Netflix / Avalon

The two peak episodes of the series are shrouded in secrecy. Can you tell us about them?
The thing is, they have my family hooked up somewhere and if I screw anything up, I won’t see them again. No, I can say there is a guitar scene and the scale and ambition are astounding. All the seeds that have been sown are bearing fruit and it is just a massacre. You know the final ending is two and a half hours, right? Finish with this beast, very bold long loop.

Will you return for the fifth and final season?
I’d be angry if they didn’t take me back [laughs]. I would love it, if they had me.

When did you first realize that you enjoyed performing?
The stereotype was painful. I was an only child of separate parents, which generates a pathological need for attention. I was never a theatrical kid being taken to auditions from an early age, but I was always curious. In elementary school, I became a bit of a brag. I got a scholarship for drama at Emmanuel School in Clapham Junction and that was the only thing I had any natural preparation for. The fact that this is bread and butter now makes sense.

She has worked alongside both Helen Mirren and Olivia Colman. How was that?
The two ladies. I messed up. mosquito It was a crazy experience. Working on National with Lucy Kirkwood’s screenplay, Olivia Colman attached to it and directed by Rufus Norris was a true “Pinch Me” moment. Like everyone else in this country, I adore Olivia Colman, so forming and working with this quirky family every night was a career highlight. It is the force of nature. enormous. And it was Helen Mirren… well, it’s Helen sleeping Mirren. She was very kind, had great advice and a sloppy sense of humor, which was always a lot of fun.

After that, you are in a movie called treasure. What can you tell us?
It is directed by this extraordinary young woman named Luna Carmoon, who grew up in southeast London obsessed with cinema. It’s a British indie film made with a half budget of Mars but Luna has written something wild and different. I’m excited for people to see her because there is definitely something about her.

What do you do when you are not working?
In a desperate attempt to reconnect with my youth, I started skating again this year. I still have a few tricks in my bag but they are much scarier now. Otherwise, I cook, I exercise, and I feel anxious.

I heard you take your job seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously?
Alternative method. No, it’s hard to take yourself seriously wearing a three-toned wig. Anthony Hopkins, who was my hero, was once asked why he wanted to work for a living. He said: The work beats. This is a great job, and without wanting to sound like a Hallmark card, it’s kind of what I want in life: an adventure.