Joe Sakic stuck with Nazim Qadri. Stuck with Jared Bednar. Hold on to his intestines. Now that Avalanche is 8 wins away from the Stanley Cup, has Super Joe been right all along?

(Rooster) Too weak, man. Too fragile. Very nice. The things that have been dumped on Avalanche General Manager Joe Sakic in the past 24 months, Ken Holland has heard from 16 to 17 years ago. in his sleep.

“There was talk, (with) the Red Wings at the time, that we were too European, and we were too young,” Holland, the Oilers general manager and Detroit early roster engineer who the Front Range team loved to hate, said on the eve of Tuesday’s first Colorado-Edmonton game. “(But) we believed in the team.”

The Netherlands made teams that won the Stanley Cup in 1998 and 2002, and then again in 2008.

From 2003-2006, the wings hit a wall. His teammates failed to get past the second round in four consecutive postseason attempts. looks like anyone we are used to know?

Holland continued “You Disk”. “And next year, you’ll come back and you’ll have more progress. And then you progress a little bit further.

“There are a lot of teams very close. It’s a great streak in the league where you just have to stick to it and stick to it. And for sure, that’s what Joe did (in Colorado).”

Sakic stuck with Nazim Kadri, whose tricks in previous qualifiers made him a special man by other teams, By fans of other teamsand by the NHL Department of Player Safety.

Sakic stuck with Jared Bednar, even as the coach drove those talented rosters, Super Go built the way a young kid leads while playing Mario Kart for the first time.

Even after the Avs somehow managed to land in the playoff trench after the playoff trench. Even as Bednar’s whispers rose above his head with each passing painful spring.