Jasmine Harten does not remember how the gun that killed the policeman exploded

The social activist accused of killing a senior policeman in Belize said in a new interview that the gun she was carrying “just exploded” and that she had no recollection of “touching” the trigger.

Jasmine Harten, 33, shared the account about the shooting death of supervisor Henry Gimot in May 2021 in a session with Piers Morgan scheduled to air in full on Monday.

Harten, her ex-husband is the son of billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, said in the interview, excerpted from any Posted by Sun.

“I was trying to get the clip out and it just happened — I don’t remember ever touching the trigger. So I’m not sure if it was a defective weapon or not. I can’t really tell you how it happened,” she said.

Harten was charged with negligent manslaughter.

I suggested that the pistol might have been “rusty” and that it was in preparation.

Yasmine Harten
Jasmine Harten said the gun she was carrying “just exploded” and she doesn’t remember “touching” the trigger.

“I’m certainly not a murderer. And I’m in the making. I am. I really am. It’s a small country, everybody’s afraid of Ashcroft here. They own the bank, and the newspapers, and the economy of this country.”

She and ex-husband Andrew Ashcroft are in the midst of a bitter custody battle over five-year-old twins.

The night of the shooting, Harten said and jimut He decided to sit on the dock with drinks, but before they went he wanted to get his gun.

Henry Gimot in his uniform.
Harten admitted to authorities last year that she was training to load a handgun when it exploded, killing Henry Gimot.

“And I thought that was strange,” said the Canadian citizen.

He said he always brings it with him everywhere. So he went and got it.”

Harten told Morgan that the law enforcement chief suggested she get a firearm license and allowed her to handle his gun for a second time in a few days to practice loading and unloading the gun.

Harten and Andrew Ashcroft sipping drinks at a resort.
Harten and Andrew Ashcroft engage in a bitter custody battle over five-year-old twins.
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When the gun was in her hand, she said, “I thought it was empty.”

Harten denied rumors that she was having an affair with Gemotte, calling him the friend given to her by Andrew Ashcroft. She said Ashcroft was supposed to join them on board before deciding to stay at the last minute.

She said that Gemot once asked her to rub his shoulder that night, but she denied that it was a sexual thing because he had gone hunting earlier.

Police tape blocks the sidewalk where the crime took place.
Harten said she and Gemott decided to sit in the dock with drinks the night of the shooting.
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She also dismissed speculation that she was a party girl who used cocaine heavily.

“I was wondering the same thing. The only thing I can think of is who would benefit from such rumors?” she said according to the Sun excerpts.

“Obviously, she would benefit in the custody case, and she would benefit in many ways if I was conceived as a party girl addicted to cocaine. It is not true.”

Video footage from 48 hours on CBS for a sneak peek: Jasmine Harten's shot in the dark.
Harten said she wasn’t sure if the gun was a “defective weapon.”
CBS News / 48 Hours

When Morgan talks about her ability to handle a gun Quoting her detonating a watermelon with a tape-recorded rifleHarten insisted that she was not an expert and never owned a weapon.

“And what this video doesn’t show you is the 10 times I tried to hit that watermelon and it missed, and that video was shot by my ex-boyfriend,” she told Morgan.

she Confessed to the authorities last year She was practicing loading a pistol when it exploded and killed Gamot.

Harten told Morgan, according to the excerpt, that Gemot was a foot or two away when the weapon exploded, and when he fell on top of her “she could see the blood and feel the blood.”

She said she had heard many stories about how deadly the night was.

“I heard I executed him, it was an attempted rape and I was defending myself. I heard I lured him there and it was Andrew who shot him.

“The truth of the matter is not like that. He was my friend. He didn’t pass me by. I considered Henry to be the protector.”