Jacob Batalon raises speculation of Hobgoblin with a new image

Spider-Man: There is no room for home It may have been the final chapter in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man origin story, but that doesn’t mean MCU fans have seen the latest web-thrower or his friends. Whereas the Multiversal saga brilliantly set up the future of Spidey in New York City, due to Dr. Strange’s spellthe future of Jacob Batalon Ned Zendaya MG It is questionable and a huge topic for spider man 4 speculation.

No going back homeMJ and Ned’s emotional ending confirms that MJ and Ned are still heading to MIT. However, leading to this tearful conclusion, the movie teases the ability of Ned’s superhero – and super villain -.

In addition to demonstrating Ned’s ability to open portals and making him wear the levitation cloak for a brief period, No going back home It included a moment when Ned learned from Peter Tobey Maguire that his best friend had turned evil and tried to kill him. This leads Ned to promise Peter Tom Holland that he will not do the same; However, in the comics, Ned Leeds is often associated with a villain known as the Hobgoblin.

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Fans are also eagerly awaiting the news about spider man 4Ned Leed’s Jacob Batalon has added fuel to the fires of speculation regarding his character’s possible dark future.

Jacob Batalon sparks interest in the future of Spider-Man

Jacob Batalon recently re-shared a photo of himself holding the Hobgoblin action figure on his Instagram Story, which was shared via redditleading to further speculation about Ned Leeds’ future in the MCU.

The picture can be seen below:

Spider-Man 4 Ned Hobgoblin

while character Ned Leeds has been associated with Hobgoblin In the comics, it’s a complicated story.

Many individuals in the comics have owned the Hobgoblin character over the years, including Robert Kingsley, who acquired Green Goblin’s equipment and got involved in the criminal underworld. Ned Leeds got involved in the drama after being brainwashed into believing he was a Hobgoblin and even forming an alliance with Kingpin’s son to oust him. Wilson Fisk.

In response to Batalon’s photo, a number of fans shared their views on the possibility that Peter Parker’s “Man in the Chair” could become Hobgoblin.

for example, Huffingolwich He claimed that Ned too ‘Useful to be less threatening’ That’s the past Spider Man perks it has “Playing outside” The metaphor of Peter’s best friend who has become a villain:

“MCU Ned would make a terrible Hobgoblin. He’s too foolish and healthy to be less of a threat (plus Ned wasn’t even a real Hobgoblin)
They did a lot the way “Peter’s Best Friend became a villain under the title of the Goblin”. It’s been played”

methadotrandom He agreed saying that “Hobglobin suits someone who looks as dangerous as Harry Osborne:”

“You don’t want to look offensive but don’t you think it wouldn’t fit a Hobgoblin character? I mean he looks like a cheerful guy embracing you. Hobgoblin suits someone who looks menacing like Harry Osborne.”

but, Tangoliber A different point of view, pointing out that Spider-Man: There is no room for home It is possible that the spell changed Ned’s life and led to ‘Massive personality transformation’:

Peter was his best friend. Now, his memory has been replaced, leaving behind a strange empty place. All those times when Ned and Peter had lunch together in the cafeteria? With Peter’s memory erased, Ned now only remembers eating alone, day in and day out. That would be a massive character transformation, if they were to go down that path.”

West – Cardiologist 180 He agreed, explaining that the two former best friends would compete Cap vs Iron Man emotional levels are:

Like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the MCU took Ned this way…and I wouldn’t be angry either. If done right, Ned as Hobgoblin would work just as well. Imagine Ned Leeds as Hobgoblin vs. Symbiote Spider-Man. Cap vs. levels would be Emotional Iron Man”.

Was it the origin story of Dr. Strange’s evil spell?

It’s hard to know or even predict what Marvel Studios has in store for Jacob Batalon Ned — or anyone inside. Spider Man privilege – given The studio shares characters with Sony. And while fans know Ned’s story in the comics, Marvel Studios and Sony have always preferred adaptation over tradition.

Now, since Ned has been granted Doctor Strange-esque magical abilities in No going back homeAnd, there is no precedent for such in the comics, studios seem to be hinting at a different path for Ned Leeds on screen.

However, this does not mean that the audience does not get a darker version of the character spider man 4. After all, having a Doctor Strange spell change the course of Ned’s life and serve as the origin story of a villain that has a lot of storytelling potential.

Finally, it is important to note that the image of Batalon may not mean anything at all. The actor is aware of Hobgoblin’s speculation It has been commented on before. His social media post could be the Spider-Man star having fun.

But even so, it’s hard to deny the fact of that No going back home She evoked a different kind of future for Peter Parker’s “The Man Sitting In The Chair.” But in the meantime, what the future will look like is still up for debate.

Spider-Man: There is no room for home Available for purchase on all major digital platforms.