Internet slams woman’s ‘distasteful’ message to vet: ‘I hate people’

A veterinary technician has gone viral after sharing the “distasteful” message her office received from a “crazy” client.

Post under the username u/jrow6411, the customer shared the complaint picture in redditForum “F**k You Karen” writes: “Karen [visited] Our vet office. The post has garnered more than 19,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments from Redditors criticizing the client’s ‘insensitivity’.

“Good morning. You took our dog, Cooper, to your office last Friday. The office itself was clean and [the] “The staff was quick and friendly,” the woman wrote.

While the beginning of the letter was somewhat innocent, the rest wasn’t kind.

veterinarian with client
A veterinary technique went viral after sharing the “distasteful” message her office received from a “crazy” client.
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She said, “Your assistant was wearing a proper conscience mask (they/they) which I felt was very unprofessional. I work in a dental clinic and we should put politics aside.”

Your koi pond was full of weeds, as was the front of your office, [so]I did a little weed. Please assign someone to take care of your outside and help your employees be sensitive on the inside.”

Redditors found it ironic that the woman stated the staff’s “insensitivity” and criticized her for her disagreement with the unnamed assistant’s preferred pronouns.

“Your staff should be more sensitive to my needs so they are not as sensitive to theirs,” joked u/TurboFool.

“Please be more sensitive to my insensitivity,” qu/AlternativeCredit quipped.

u/breyore wrote: “The fact that this woman wrote this and that it felt justified and right is an unbridled fact.” “Pronouns are not political.”

“Human rights = politics. I hate people,” u/ginnymarie6 said.

“You have to like people who complain about pronouns and claim they want to keep politics out of something at the same time. Like how do you think your complaint is not political? You don’t mind politics — you mind politics that isn’t yours,” added u/sparty219.

“This is distasteful,” u/Lagspresso commented regarding the message in general.

As it turns out, the client isn’t the only American who feels “uncomfortable” with gender-neutral pronouns. According to the Pew Research Centera whopping 47 percent of Americans feel “somewhat” or “very uncomfortable” using non-binary pronouns.

What was said, Medical news today He says it’s important for people to use each other’s pronouns “correctly,” because doing so may reduce experiences of depression and increase self-esteem.

“Proper use of one’s correct pronoun is an easy way to show respect,” The National Institutes of Health explained. “Whether or not the use of false pronouns is intentional, it can be hurtful, angry, and even distracting. Some may find it tantamount to telling them they don’t deserve respect or it doesn’t matter. Depersonalizing someone puts pressure on how a person moves in society and how that reacts.” individual with others.

In addition to being annoyed by the client’s insensitive feedback regarding gender identity, several commentators have also indicated that weeding a koi pond at the clinic is inappropriate.

u/pugyoulongtime said, “Wow, I’d be pissed at someone who purposely weeds for the environment. It looks beautiful.”

In response, the vet explained that the “weeds” were not even weeds but rather ornamentals.

They said “People are crazy”.

NEWSWEEK Reached out to u/jrow6411 for comment.

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