Internet criticizes woman for delaying her husband’s plans to return to work for a year

Internet slammed a Women to delay it the husband Planning to return to work for a year in a new viral job.

Posted in redditFamous r/Amitha**hole forum, a woman under the username u/bromisaita shared her story to let ‘AITA’ followers decide if she was wrong. The popular post has 3000 upvotes and 1000 comments.

The Redditor started her post by explaining her and her the husband They are very professionally oriented people with goals they want to achieve in their field. Nearly eight years ago, the original poster (OP) got pregnant unexpectedly and her husband lost her job because of the company he was working for to file for bankruptcy. The couple came to a mutual agreement that her husband would be a stay-at-home dad while OP continues to work. In the future, plans to return to the workforce.

After about four years, she unexpectedly got pregnant again. When the pandemic hit, it was much more difficult for her husband than it was since he was at home with two children. Over the years, she has received many promotions, and is generally successful in business.

Because of COVID-19, many have found it difficult to work during the pandemic. In July of 2020, within a month, 31 million people claimed to be out of work due to business closures, via the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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The internet criticizes a woman after delaying her husband’s plans to return to work for a year
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She wrote, “A few weeks ago I received a job offer from a different company that would be another big leap for me. However, it would require moving to a different state. I enthusiastically offered this to my husband but he was not. Happy for me.”

“He asked what it would mean for him to go back to work and I told him it would take some time for us to integrate in the area and get used to the new job as it would probably be more pressure than it might otherwise be. I am working now, but with much higher wages and benefits. I told him we could discuss returning to Work maybe in a year or so after we move in.”

He told her he was tired of staying home with their kids and was jealous of her successes in her career. He described her as “selfish” because he was unable to achieve his career goals and had to put her and her children ahead of his dreams.

I explained, “I told him that being SAHD doesn’t have to be permanent and that’s just another big step for us as a family. He cut me off and said ‘No, it’s a big step for you.'” The rest of us are just moving. “I told him it was unfair and he said the unfair thing is that I’m breaking my promise I made to him. I told him it was years ago and things have changed.”

She also added that she believed it would be difficult for him to find a good job with a four-year gap on his resume. However, she believes that her new job will bring more opportunities.

Followers of the AITA forum were quick to comment.

“[You’re the A**hole] for your whole situation. You should now be as supportive of him as he was of you. We’re not having a good life now, you have. Your husband is unhappy and you marginalize him in his family. If you want to move, start to actively support him in his search for a job and start meeting nannies in the new location; Stop acting like a man from the 1950s,” u/nannylive has received the highest comment with over 12,000 upvotes.

“[You’re the A**hole]. Are you serious? For the benefit of your career and your family, your husband sacrificed every career goal he had for eight years, and now you expect him to uproot the life he created and preserved for you and your children so you can climb, climb, and climb. Coming back when he can’t do anything he wants? This is so insanely selfish that I can hardly read it,” shouted u/Significant-Ad-9758.

“[You’re the A**hole]. Your husband deserves to be happy, too. You should be able to afford childcare, and you can divide up the chores, while generating income for both of you. There is no reason why your husband should not work if that is what he desires,” commented u/TinyRascalSaurus.

“[You’re the A**hole] Incredibly selfish. You need to find another arrangement for childcare. Pay for daycare. There are a lot of couples with two business partners,” explained u/SaikaTheCasual.

NEWSWEEK I reached out to u/bromisaita for comment.