Inspur Information and NEC Deutschland launch HPCaaS solution to accelerate automotive design simulation in Europe

The HPC solution has been successfully implemented in one of Germany’s largest car manufacturers, achieving high performance and low power consumption, providing flexibility to expand the computing pool and schedule workloads on demand.

Stuttgart, Germany, May 31, 2022– (work wire) – Inspur Information, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, and NEC Deutschland, a provider of HPC solutions for scientific and engineering applications, have joined forces to provide an HPC-as-a-Service (HPCaaS) computer-aided engineering (CAE) solution to car manufacturers in Europe. Inspur and NEC strive to provide infrastructure resilience and energy efficiency in High Performance Computing (HPC) through on-demand use, deep integration, and advanced cooling technologies.

In automotive research and development, design verification is the longest-running and most expensive process in vehicle development, including realistic crash testing. However, the HPC suite that runs CAE applications can virtualize this process. Simulations can be done much faster, and without calculating damage to real vehicles. HPCaaS solution combined with Inspur-powered hardware and NEC system integration and implementation enables accurate CAE simulations, such as vehicle crash simulation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), structural mechanics, wind resistance, wind noise, thermal management, fatigue toughness, weld simulation, seal analysis, noise analysis, etc. . This solution can provide more flexible, scalable, and efficient computing resources to meet the needs of on-demand customers.

The use of Inspur’s leading HPC servers for CAE for Automotive dramatically improves performance, lowers power consumption, and reduces data center space requirements by up to 50%. This results in environmentally friendly virtual simulations, increased development speed, and reduced research and development costs for a new vehicle by up to 70%. This power is further harnessed by Inspur parameter tuning and application optimization for CAE simulation, combined with NEC’s rich experience in system integration.

The German automaker with an annual production of more than 450,000 vehicles is one of the biggest beneficiaries of HPC’s new CAE vehicle manufacturing solution from Inspur and NEC. The company required strong and green HPC clusters to support manufacturing development over the next 3-4 years as part of the overall HPCaaS concept.

The Inspur-NEC HPC Group has significantly improved HPC performance for this automaker while continuing to meet requirements for environmental sustainability, reduced energy consumption and lower total cost of ownership. It uses Inspur’s NF5180M6 1U server on a dual-socket rack for maximum performance, high density, and low power consumption.

The Inspur NF5180M6 servers are powered by 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, DDR4 3200MhHz memory and Mellanox’s latest HDR InfiniBand network, giving it the best performance-to-size ratio in a compact 1U chassis. The trapezoidal radiators increase the surface area for better heat dissipation and the BMC control strategy has been optimized for maximum efficiency. This reduces fan power consumption, and enables support for up to two high-performance 270W CPUs. More energy savings come from an advanced platinum power supply that limits power loss to less than 5%. Using the same power consumption levels, Inspur’s NF5180M6’s performance in crash simulation is improved by 30% compared to previous generation solutions.

This is a testament to Inspur’s ability to design both green and robust infrastructure solutions, which provide improved use of CAE software applications and collision simulation in the areas of engine development, cooling systems, vehicle flow and aerodynamic development design. With its environmentally friendly and efficient HPC server products, Inspur has helped this vehicle manufacturer operate multiple HPC subsystems and more than 150 CAE applications that meet performance requirements, significantly reduce total cost of ownership, and enhance environmental sustainability.

“Demand for car personalization, autonomous driving, and electrification is growing,” said Liu Jun, Vice President of Inspur Information and General Manager for Amnesty International and HPC. “Investment in research and development in the automotive industry in HPC continues to grow. The joint solution with NEC Deutschland will help car companies improve competitiveness, innovation and efficiency.”

Yuichi Kojima, Managing Director of NEC Deutschland, said, “Computing power is fundamental to innovation speed and product quality. Based on Inspur’s high-performance products and energy-saving technologies, and our ability to meet customer demands faster and easier, we can help Europe enhance its digitalization efforts and be the front for development sustainable”.

Inspur Information is the second largest server provider in the world. Its servers and solutions have been widely used in various industries globally. According to Gartner, Inspur’s server shipments ranked second globally in 2021 with a market share of 9.4%. It is a member of the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC) and is committed to participating in building an ecosystem that promotes the development of the HPC industry in the region.


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