Ice 96, Linux 95: History repeats itself

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Fans’ expectations weren’t too high for this. In one corner, you have the best in the league Las Vegas Aces Those who play sports easily have the best net rating in the league, as evidenced by their three-game winning streak. In the other corner, you have the worst team in the league with the second worst net rating, losing four games in a row.

However, Lynx opened the game up again with a sense of urgency that we’ve seen so often this season. Coach Sherrill Reeve had apparently gotten to her team as far as cleaning glass after being battered by a Seattle Storm in that division in their latest defeat. They swept past Tournament Player of the Year Aja Wilson and former Sixth-year-old Derica Hamby to reclaim their way to a 25-18 first-half rebound. Meanwhile when attacking, they moved the ball early and often, resulting in a great perimeter appearance (8/18 from behind the arc).

Their effort on both ends of the field resulted in Lynx surprisingly leading 50-39 in half. They were constantly punishing defensive appearance aces which included a great deal of area. Perhaps most importantly, they were limited to just three turns in the first 20 minutes of the game, a huge improvement over their average turnover of 15.8 per game.

As we used to see, the same defensive energy and selflessness disappeared when attacking in the third quarter. Becky Hammon is credited with making the necessary adjustments to slow the Lynx’s speed, but several of her guards walked down the trail without any resistance. nothing more than Kelsey Bloomwho scored 21 points. It was another huge thorn in the Minnesota side Chelsea Gray, a long-standing foe who mostly controlled the tempo of the game with her eight assists. To make three of a kind, Aja Wilson She also came back alive and ate most defenders on her way, finishing the game with 25 points in just 15 shot attempts.

20-4 aces went back just 5 minutes into the second half.

Fortunately for Minnesota, Moriah Jefferson And the Rachel Benham Keep putting the orange ball into the nylon hoop. They helped keep the Lynx’s head above water to the point of somehow going into the final period by one point.

The final quarter was a very entertaining basketball game. Both teams traded blows back and forth, culminating in Air Force and Plum head-to-head during a small melee. Several times, it looked as if Las Vegas had put him away, but Minnesota somehow worked its way up again. Jefferson continued her stellar performance, playing her best of the season, finishing with 23 points (10/14 shooting), four rebounds, and seven assist nights, including defensive clutch plays.

Jessica Shepherd He was also great on the bench. Her 22 points (9/11 shot), 19 rebounds, six assists, and one block stat streak indicated her impact, as she wrestled Wilson throughout the match. The Lynx found itself running back five times with 16.2 seconds left before Jefferson gave it up to Shepherd to cut the deficit to three.


After a time-out for aces to advance the ball, Minnesota scrambled enough to force Jackie Young to drop the inside pass, giving the ball right to the visitors with 5.3 points left. With no timeout remaining, Lynx quickly got the ball into Shepard’s hands. She was the best player tonight. Instead of standing up for a desperate triple pointer, Shepherd went straight to the post and… shot a nine-foot average guard.

It bounced around the edge before falling off when the last bell started.

If you’ve been hanging around Minnesota for basketball long enough, you’ll remember a similar play the Timberwolves did in 2012.

Definitely, a disappointing ending to the encouraging Lynx game. Just like losing against Seattle, they couldn’t finish the job despite their mostly solid performance. Minnesota is now down 3-13 and three games from the eighth seed. Although the players and coaches won’t tell us or believe it themselves, it’s definitely time to start thinking about the future. Even if they limp in the playoffs, is there any remote chance of them competing for this year’s championship?

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What’s Next

Minnesota wraps up their brisk road trip with a belated tip against Phoenix Mercury on me Tuesday 06/16 @ 9:00 PM CT. They’ve been pretty underperforming so far, with their revamped squad featuring new faces Tina Charles and Diamond DeShields sitting at just 6-10 (ninth place overall). Part of that was a lack of cohesion, but a large part of it was injuries.

This might also be a good time to re-share that they were without a Hall of Fame in the future, Britney Greiner, who has been in Russian detention for 122 days so far. We here at Canis Hoopus would like to encourage all of our readers to join us on the call to bring the Griner home. You can visit To sign the petition or see other sources/information. # WeAreBG