IBM unveils new fan experiences powered by AI and cloud at Wimbledon 2022

As the official tournament technology partner for the past 33 years, IBM continues to accelerate innovation at Wimbledon and improve the digital fan experience.

LondonAnd the June 21 2022 /PRNewswire/ – IBM (NYSE: IBMToday, the All England Lawn Tennis Club revealed new ways for Wimbledon fans around the world to experience tournaments digitally, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) running on IBM Cloud and hybrid cloud technologies. Created jointly with the All England Club and IBM for and the Wimbledon app, the new features join a comprehensive suite of digital fan experiences – including award-winning ones.1 IBM Force Indicator with WatsonAnd the IBM Match Insights with Watson And the Personal recommendations And the highlights reels – All designed to help global fans stay informed and more engaged with players, matches and tournament.

IBM unveils new fan experiences powered by AI and cloud at Wimbledon 2022

IBM unveils new fan experiences powered by AI and cloud at Wimbledon 2022

New features for 2022 include:

  • winning factors Brings improved annotation capability for “Match Insights”: Building on the Match Insights feature found in the Wimbledon app and, IBM provides an additional level of explanation for factors that are analyzed by an AI system to determine match insights and predictions. winning factors It will provide audiences with an increased understanding of the elements that affect player performance, such as the IBM Strength Index, pitch surface, ATP/WTA rankings, head-to-head, percentage of games won, net combinations won, recent performance, annual success, and media criticism.

  • say your word With a new interactive fan prediction feature: For the first time, users can record their match results predictions on the Wimbledon app and, by say your word Property. They can then compare their predictions to the combined predictions of other fans and artificial intelligence probability of winning Forecasts generated by IBM.

IBM Watson supports Wimbledon’s digital features and takes advantage of a hybrid cloud approach – using a combination of on-premises, private clouds, and IBM Cloud – enabling increased flexibility and efficiency. IBM Cloud provides the foundation and scalability for these digital experiences. It hosts and processes data from matches that are entered into AI models built with IBM Watson Studio And the IBM Watson Discovery To produce insights for fans, commentators, and the media.

Alexandra WillisThe All England Club’s Director of Communications and Marketing said: “Leveraging technology to help fans become more informed, engaged and engaged during Wimbledon Fortnight is at the core of our strategy to ensure we leverage innovation to keep Wimbledon relevant and deliver great digital experiences to fans, wherever they are. In partnership with IBM, we are thrilled to deliver a more dynamic and interactive digital experience for fans. All over the world this year as Wimbledon returns to full capacity.The core of these experiences is our ambition to help fans get closer to Wimbledon by understanding which players to follow, analyzing and inviting them to participate in new match predictions and stats features, along with comprehensive scores, news and and video content across our channels.

Kevin FarrarSports Partnership Leader, IBM UK & IrelandHe said: “The digital fan features on the Wimbledon app and, beautifully designed by the IBM iX team and powered by AI and hybrid cloud technologies, allow the All England Club to immerse themselves in the magic of the tournament, no matter where they are in the world. Sports fans love to debate We are excited to introduce a new tool this year to enable this by allowing people to record their match predictions and compare them to predictions generated by Match Insights with Watson and other fans’ predictions.”

As the official tournament technology partner for the past 33 years, IBM has developed solutions to modernize and simplify workloads, and deliver innovative digital experiences to engage sports fans around the world through IBM IX, the expertise design arm of IBM Consulting. By leveraging the same technologies IBM uses with companies across industries and around the world, Wimbledon continues to accelerate innovation and improve the digital fan experience. The full suite of digital experiences powered by IBM on and the Wimbledon app include:

Wimbledon from June 2710 July 2022. To see the technology in action, visit or download the Wimbledon app on your mobile device available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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1 The All England Club and IBM named ‘Best Fan Engagement by Brand’ at the 2022 Sports Technology Awards

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