I Tried the Miles Teller TopGun Bodyweight Workout – Here’s What Happened

I don’t know about you, but one of my priorities when traveling is to train well on the day of my arrival – Research (Opens in a new tab)He found evidence that exercise can help counteract the negative effects of travel fatigue or shift work. When I was looking for inspiration for a bodyweight circuit to do in the (slightly limited) hotel gym on a recent trip to New York, I stumbled upon Miles Teller’s Top Gun bodyweight workout, so I unwrapped an exercise mat and gave it a shot.

Miles Teller stars in the new movie Top Gun: Maverick Film along with Tom Cruise. The movie was much delayed due to Covid and was already filmed before 2019, so Teller was able to step up his role as Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw the traditional way – plenty of time in the gym with a personal trainer. Teller trained with Jason Walsh, a PT member with a phone book full of Hollywood clients, including the likes of Matt Damon and Brie Larson (here’s what happened when Tried Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel workout).