I asked a Best Buy sales rep about the best Windows laptop. He had no doubts


by sdx15 – shutterstock

It was hard to forget.

several years ago, I went to Best Buy On one of my regular assignments to find out what salespeople say to customers, I asked a question that often baffles me: What Best Windows Laptop?

The answer was twofold: First, the seller took me to the HP monitor. The ghost 15 It was his suggestion.

But as we spoke, he admitted that while he wasn’t a fan of Apple β€” his phone was Samsung β€” the best Windows laptop in his really honest point of view was MacBook Pro 15 inch.

Fine, I was having fun. I’m all MacBook Air, do you see. On the other hand, my wife is Windows. A scientist, this is what her employers offer, and it can sometimes be painful to witness.

I graduated from a very heavy Dell. XPS 15 – To noticeably lighter.

However, I had no impression that she cherished her laptop in great respect.

I went, then this time back to Best Buy with the thought that life had changed. With a different salesperson, I might be enlightened in a different way.

I explained that I wanted my wife to be happy. The Best Buy seller refrained from the obvious joke, for which I was grateful.

I confessed to my Macness and asked, quite simply, “Please tell me what’s the best Windows laptop these days.”

When chatting with some salespeople, they ask more questions. They may ask, “What are you doing?” “How does she use her laptop?” or even “What did I do to marry you?”

This particular seller, however, was not stunned by skepticism.

It immediately swept me towards Microsoft Service. Or rather Microsoft Surfaces. For him, the touch screens were a delight, and the ability to separate the screen from the keyboard was amazing.

However, what surprised me was how difficult it was to understand what they were all called. While he was leading me, he was even caught between his government and his pros.

However, I insist my wife will find her ultimate experience in one or more of these surfaces.

But then he realized himself: “If they want a more traditional laptop, Microsoft has this too.” So it has me wandering about those devices that are very similar to the MacBook Air.

I didn’t find anything negative about his enthusiasm. Perhaps, however, when he saw a slight flutter in my eyebrows, he added, “I just want to say this. I don’t get a commission on any of these laptops, so I’m not saying this for the money.”

Without saying anything, he then did my whip to HP and Dell. Explain that they make nice things, too.

However, I wondered if he was vulnerable to stress.

I asked him if it would be difficult for him now to sell Windows laptops, given the entry of the M1 MacBook Air and Pro. Their performance, however, is quite a bit. (Disclosure: I own and mostly like M1 Flight.)

β€œFor most things you do, you don’t need M1 MacBooks,” he said. “In some things, it’s true; it’s 30% faster.”

In essence, he felt that most people were satisfied with what Windows laptops could do. And don’t forget the detachable touch screen.

He explained that he did not like the iPad Pro because it uses iOS, not macOS. But, going back to M1, he offered these crucial words: “Then there’s the price.”

From my point of view, the decks didn’t look exactly cheap. But every dollar counts, especially in today’s tough economic climate.

Every salesperson you meet has their own grit, their own way of selling, and their own way of pleasing themselves.

I (almost) always have upscale and entertaining sales experiences at Best Buy. This was no different. The seller was easy to talk to, and his enthusiasm was totally genuine.

I’m still concerned about the Surface not being hacked as often as it might have been. If only its initial marketing hadn’t been so painful.

It’s strange to think of that Surface brand life is now 10 years. It’s hard to make devices work well when you start too late.

I thanked the seller for his comprehensive enthusiastic offer and went away thinking he believed in Surface Pro X It was the best Windows laptop.

At least, I think it was the Surface Pro X.