How to Stay Calm in Sarasota While Staying Active Sarasota

I recently bought a new phone charger for my car, the kind that you install on the dashboard. It uses Apple’s MagSafe technology to power my phone through magnets and the internal charging coil.

Or at least that’s the idea. On Tuesday, it was so hot outside – and therefore very hot in my car – that as soon as I put my phone on the metal charger, it gave me a “Your iPhone needs cooling” message and it wouldn’t charge. In other words, the Florida summer has made my purchase a moot point, and technically, it hasn’t been summer yet, which means the worst is yet to come.

I should have known. This will be my sixth summer in Florida. The heat always makes me afraid of them. People and sports in this area, of course, cancel out this negativity. But the fact remains: Even for Florida veterans, summer can be a lot. That’s why I like to make suggestions on how people can stay active during the summer while remaining relatively calm. They are very good suggestions, and as such, should be taken seriously – or at least the first two.

Try kayaking lessons at Nathan Penderson Park.

Dragon boats look like something out of a fantasy war movie, but actually navigating one of them is a great way to spend a day on the water. As in sweeping rowing, each person in the boat takes one oar (or paddle in this case) and moves the boat synchronously. There’s a waver in the back and a drummer in the front keeping the beat up. And yes, there is a dragon head on the bow of the boat. It totally rules. The sport originated in the Pearl River Delta region of China more than 2,000 years ago. Now 89 countries have organizations recognized by the International Dragon Boat Federation. In fact, the IBDF Club Crew World Championships will take place at Nathan Benderson Park from July 18-22.

Now is the perfect time to learn about this sport. Benderson Park rowing coach Angela Long is loved by athletes and will teach you everything you need to know. Believe me. I had a lesson with rowers in the garden in 2019. It was challenging but fulfilling.

Plus, if you get too hot, you can drop off the boat into the cool, refreshing water. Just watch out for the crocodile! I’m sure no one will yell at you because you messed up the rhythm of the boat.

Michael Durham is testing the HTC Vive virtual reality headset at Mysterium Escape Rooms and VR — formerly called Escape Reality Downtown — in 2019.

Make your (virtual) escape from everything.

Mysterium Escape Rooms and VR, formerly known as Escape Reality Downtown, offer patrons a chance to experience many things, but in terms of staying active, I want to focus on VR offerings. When I visited in 2019, I played Beat Saber, a rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero except that instead of playing the plastic guitar, you use your hands to destroy blocks flying towards you, and use the rest of your body – all of it – to dodge the walls blocking your path. everything is ready Folk music from past and present.

There are multiple difficulty levels. Even a normal level will tire you out after a few songs, but Expert levels It will make you gasp on the ground. I promise you, it’s a good workout. You can even have a drink at the Mysterium Bar afterwards to cool off. An hour-long VR arcade session—which offers a lot more options than just the Beat Saber, by the way—costs $35.

Turn your water fountain into your own gym.

This suggestion would have been easier a few years ago, but the splash fountain in Bayfront Park is currently under renovation, so it’s off-limits. That’s fine. We will not let a small obstacle like that deter us. Not when a fountain workout—the perfect way to get fit and look like you just got out of the sea like an Aquaman—is the prize. So we’ll take a short drive to the Bradenton Riverwalk family fun area, which is bigger and therefore better for our exercise needs, anyway.

What sets this site apart, besides the view, is that it has water fountains that jut out from the ground. use them! Run straight through the planes as you practice for sprints. Sure, there might be some annoying kids on your way. Simply yell “Excuse me” because you’re running straight at them and they have to move, allowing you to get the most exposure to the water.

Are you tired of running? Try doing push-ups directly above the planes. You don’t know what it’s like to relax until your face is blown away by one of these as you work on a set of 100. It’s heavenly.

Sit in your car with the air conditioner turned off.

I wasn’t kidding about my car interior being more or less a sauna this week. One day recently, I got in my car and my glasses were wet with fog. In my car. Not outside. Just mad.

But why not use this madness to your advantage? I sat in my car for 10 minutes with the air conditioner turned off as a test. I’m sweating through my shirt. I had to wipe the sweat off my forehead to keep it out of my eyes. I sweat more in those 10 minutes than any exercise I’ve ever done. If sweating alone isn’t the result you want, you can always take a back seat and put it on the floor and do some hot yoga.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t this column about staying cool during an activity? yes. While those 10 minutes will be painful, the advantage is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You can just go back inside your house and take a shower. Boom, you’re done. Throw on a robe and enjoy in the cooler temperatures. Pity your friends who feel they have to run for an hour to keep fit. You know the real secret: the secret of the sauna car. *

* In case this isn’t clear, I can’t stress enough not to.

Watch the new season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix in an episode.

I swear I’ve never been as nervous watching something as I’ve been watching the fourth episode of the new season of the hit show, which dropped over the weekend, and so I didn’t move around in my apartment that much. Your pedometer will be delighted. Hearing Kate Bush’s classic anthem “Running on the Hill (Deal with God)” a few times doesn’t hurt either, as far as motivation goes. Get ready to want to run all over the place, damned sun and sweat.

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