Here’s how the internet is reacting to Sheryl Sandberg leaving the dead after 14 years

Sheryl Sandberg, former chief operating officer of Facebook-Father is dead On Wednesday, she announced that she would resign From her role in the company after 14 years. In the post announcing her departure, Sandberg spoke about her journey, helping shape the company from a small startup to the social media giant it is today.

Facebook Head Mark Zuckerberg described her departure as “the end of an era,” Praising her for being the architect of the company’s advertising business, which continues to be Meta’s biggest source of revenue. But not all netizens have been kind to Sandberg, who was largely seen as second in command after Zuckerberg in the company.

Interior designer Malie Skok has been highly critical of Sandberg, tweeting about how he has let people down by not standing up to Zuckerberg. Skok called Facebook a “democracy destroyer” in the same tweet. It appears to refer to the widespread spread of fake news on the platform and its alleged contribution to the January 6 rebellion in the US Capitol. Facebook was later At that time, US President Donald Trump The account after discovering that it stoked violence during the rebellion.

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Amrita Bender, Indian lawyer, columnist and spokeswoman for The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, tweeted that Sandberg faces scrutiny after handing over documents leaked by whistleblower Frances Hogan to Congress. Haugen was a product manager at Meta before she turned Whistleblower accused Meta of allowing online hate extremism on its platforms and its failure to protect children from harmful content. Haugen said the company lacks any incentive to fix the problems.

Andrea Niburi, a Berlin-based multimedia journalist, said there was an internal investigation into Sheryl Sandberg because she alleged she pressured the Daily Mail over a story about her former partner and Activision CEO Bobby Kotik. Nippori also shared a link to a Wall Street Journal article talking about her pressure on the Daily Mail.

But not everyone was tough on Sandberg while responding to her departure. “This Q&A from 2020 with #SherylSandberg is very relevant today. Business Insider reporter Margaret Ward said on Twitter. Ward shared a link to her 2020 interview with Sandberg, in which the latter shared her experience dealing with grief during the pandemic.

Akshob Giridhardas, a Washington-based journalist, has tweeted about how he’s been a fan of Sandberg for more than a decade. Giridharadas tweeted about how Sandberg responded to cold emails twice. He also described Sandberg as “friendly,” despite his meta-reputation.

Bob Clark, CEO of a construction company, congratulated Sandberg and spoke of his admiration for the COO for her “enormous work” at Meta, and wished her well in the next chapter of her life.

In a Facebook post announcing the departure, Sandberg said she will focus more on her organization once she officially leaves the company by fall this year. Even after she leaves, she will continue to serve on the Meta Board of Directors.