Hendrik Organization Promotes Senior Executives To Support A Growing Business

RICHMOND, VA - APRIL 21: Team owner Rick Hendrick stands on the net before the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series for Toyota 400 owners at Richmond Raceway on April 21, 2018 in Richmond, Virginia.  (Photo by Sarah Krabell/Getty Images) |  Getty Images

RICHMOND, VA – APRIL 21: Team owner Rick Hendrick stands on the net before the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series for Toyota 400 owners at Richmond Raceway on April 21, 2018 in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo by Sarah Krabell/Getty Images) | Getty Images

In a move aimed at strengthening his overall organization and supporting the growth of successful new business units, Chairman and CEO Rick Hendrick has appointed four longtime senior executives to lead key areas within the organization. New roles and responsibilities are effective immediately.

Hendrick Motorsports President and Chief Operating Officer Marshall Carlson, who since 2005 has led the day-to-day operations of the 14-time NASCAR Cup Series champions, has been promoted to President of Hendrik Companies. In his expanded role, he will support all of Hendrick’s businesses and initiatives, including Hendrick Motorsports and Hendrick Automotive Group, the largest private network of auto dealers in the United States. Carlson will oversee a range of commercial initiatives such as expanding the organization’s work into contract manufacturing, product innovation and technology investment. Will report to Hendrik.

“You would be hard pressed to find a great sports CEO who has achieved more over the last 17 years than Marshall,” Hendrick said. “His leadership has led to extraordinary performances on the racetrack, and completely changed the way our company does business. He has accomplished it all while on the move with our people through many changes as our sport and team evolve. The record speaks for itself. Marshall deserves tremendous recognition, and I am delighted to continue Working with him as he takes on a bigger role.”

To set Hendrick Motorsports for long-term success, Executive Vice President and General Manager Jeff Andrews was promoted to President and GM. The Fresno, California native will take over the day-to-day management of the most winning team in NASCAR Cup Series history and all of its business units, including competition, engine operations, manufacturing, marketing and management. Andrews will report to Hendrik Motorsports Vice President Jeff Gordon.

“Jeff (Andrews) has been a pillar of our team for three decades and is one of the most respected people in racing,” Hendrick said. He is a talented leader and a fierce competitor. Jeff’s ability to prioritize winning without sacrificing integrity or culture has been a hallmark of his career. It’s a massive part of our past, present and future, and I couldn’t be more proud to see it push us forward.”

In addition, Wayne Robbins, Hendrick Motorsports’ chief financial officer since 2019, will reinstate his duties as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Hendrick Companies. Robbins, 64, joined Hendrik Companies as chief financial officer in August 2013 after retiring from public accounting firm Dixon Hughes Goodman. His many responsibilities will include strategic financial planning, investment management, and oversight of the Hendrick Family’s not-for-profit foundation. Robbins will work closely with Hendrik, Carlson and Greg Gatsch, President of Hendrik Automotive Group and Vice Chairman and CEO of Hendrik Companies.

Longtime CEO Scott Lambie, returned to Hendrick Motorsports in 1999 and served as Chief Financial Officer from 2005 until 2019, to the team in the same position after more than two years in private equity. He will direct Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities, Operational Excellence and Aviation. Lamb, 50, will report to Andrews.

“Wayne and Scott brought decades of institutional knowledge and brilliant financial minds to their leadership roles,” Carlson said. “They each have a reputation for adding long-term value to everything they are involved in. On top of that, Wayne and Scott have built exceptional working relationships, both within the organization and in all of the areas we touch on. Their impact on our success cannot be overstated.”

Carlson, 49, joined the Hendrick Organization in 1996 and has led the day-to-day operations of Hendrick Motorsports since January 2005, initially as General Manager before being appointed President and COO in July 2010. During his tenure, the team won nine Cup-Level Championships and 155-point drive races .

In recent years, Carlson has directed Hendrick Motorsports’ investments in technology and other capabilities that support contract manufacturing and product innovation. Notably, he launched Hendrick’s burgeoning business in the defense sector which includes specialized client work in support of government programs. Charlotte, North Carolina, holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Andrews, 57, joined Hendrick Motorsports in 1992 and has held a variety of senior leadership positions, including General Manager (since September 2020), Vice President of Competition and Director of Engine Operations. As Executive Vice President and General Manager, he oversaw all competition-related departments, including powertrain, manufacturing and racing operations, and supported the team’s technical relationship with manufacturer Chevrolet. He has been with Hendrick Motorsports on both NASCAR Standard Championships in the 14 Cup Series.

“When I look across our entire organization, I see growth everywhere,” Hendrick said. “We are fortunate to have incredibly talented servant leaders who ensure our core business is performing. At the same time, they never stop looking forward to identify ways to expand opportunities for our teammates and ensure a thriving enterprise. I am as engaged and energetic as ever, and I look forward to working With our employees as we continue to do more together. From top to bottom, I don’t remember a point where we were in better health than we are today.”

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