Havlikova defeats Sierra to win the junior title at the French Open

The Roland Garros Girls’ Singles crown will remain in the hands of the Czechs for the second year in a row after No. 9 seed Lucy Havlikova beat Solana Sierra 6-3, 6-3 in a 73-minute final.

Subsequently, Havlikova added the Doubles Cup to her tally, as she teamed up with compatriot Sara Bilik as the No. 1 seed to defeat No. 2 seed Nikola Bartunkova and Celine Nayef. The title sweep made up for the disappointment that Havlikova experienced exactly one year earlier, when she arrived in Paris as a first substitute in the girls’ lottery but failed to participate.

Havelikova, 17, is the fifth Czech title winner after Renata Tumanova (1972), Regina Marsikova (1975), Hana Mandlikova (1978) and Linda Noskova (2021). Noskova qualified for this year’s main draw and led Emma Raducano to three sets in the first round. Havlikova now holds the record 29-6 in the junior competition this year, having also won the Criciuma Grade A Championship in February as well as reaching the finals in Vrsar and Offenbach.

The result was the culmination of a title fight race to Havlikova, who went out on top of four consecutive judges to reach the final. In three of those—against Luca Oddvardi in the second round, Joel Store in the third and Sarah Beglik in the semifinals—Havlikova had to come from a breakdown in the third.

By contrast, Sierra lost only one set en route to the final, against No. 4 seed Brenda Frohvertova in the first round. The 17-year-old was the first Argentine to reach a girls’ singles Grand Slam final since Maria Emilia Salerni won the US Open in 2000.

However, Havlickova played a composed and effective title match backed by an excellent serve. She won 73% of points behind her first delivery and had no stopping points. Supported by a powerful forehand, Havlikova also excelled at the net, winning match point: Dragged forward by Sierra’s shot, Havlikova parried a barrage of passing attempts before finding a winning shot to take on 4 times. 2 in the second group.

Sierra also impressed many of the primary winners with her back to the wall, but she was let down by 35 unintended fouls and three loose serve matches. Five double faults, including two for dropping serve at the start of the second set and one showdown championship point, was also a weakness.

Havlikova will have the opportunity to claim the Parisian duet at a later date with her compatriot Beglik. With the No. 1 seed in doubles tied, they will face No. 2 seed Celine Nayef and Nikola Bartunkova in the final.

Both Havlikova and Sierra have already started making their way into the pro circuit. Havlikova recorded her first WTA major draw as a wildcard in Prague last year, falling to Anastasia Jasanova in three sets in the first round, and is currently ranked #863. Sierra notched her first Top 200 win over Sarah Erani at The first round of the La Bisbal d’Empordà ITF W100 Championships last month, she is now ranked number 575.

In Havlikova’s words: “I am amazed, even though I spent a million hours here on the field because every time I played three sets except today. It was very difficult mentally and physically. I played a lot of three sets because every time something went wrong. Even in doubles matches “The first two games were super playoffs, so it was really tough physically. But there’s a good chance of recovering with ice baths and everything. So I was well prepared, even though I had a lot of time on the court.

“Last year I was here and I was the first swing, the first girl who didn’t get in. That was so sad. But, well, here I am today.

“It’s amazing to be a part of [Czech] History, but it’s still just the beginning of something. Hoping to be bigger. Hopefully one day it will be better, a better history, maybe like the WTA champion or something.”

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