Harold Varner excels at winning only as much as he can

Harold Varner III hits the tee on Saturday on the 17th hole at Colonial Country Club.

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Before we get serious, before we talk about whether Harold Varner III can finally crack the PGA Tour, and before we discuss his ideas in doing so, we’ll be remiss not to share some HVIII situations. One, it will lighten the mood. And two, it ties into the whole winning thing anyway. Settings are provided by the combined press in Charles Schwab Challenge.

Take it away, Harold.

What is the hardest part of circumstances for you today?

“Nothing. I don’t control them, so I don’t think much.”


Harold Varner

Why did Michael Jordan introduce himself to Harold Varner, and Varner ignores him


Nick Piastovsky

You said you played with Jordan [Spieth] Here a few times before. Is this some kind of nice relaxing pairing to be able to go out and play on Saturday like this?

“Sure. I think you can have these pairs, and it can just be you and your bag. It’s not a very fun place. I like to have fun, so it gets a little tricky. I can just talk to my caddy a lot. I love it and everything, But yeah, what else are we going to talk about?”


How do you characterize that day today?

“It was good, yeah. I didn’t know it was ghost-free.”

Well, that wasn’t exactly the case Saturday Night Live. But it wasn’t some of the cliched dribbling we sometimes give either. The point is, Varner is a showman. He is not shy about the stage. this is good. Because one was assigned to him again.

On Colonial Saturday, Varner was, as mentioned, a ghost on his way to two under 68s, followed by Friday 68 and Thursday 66. On Sunday, he’ll start three boss strikes Scotty Scheffler. But here’s where we have to remind you that Varner never won a tour. Although Varner is well aware, thank you very much.

Scotty Schaeffler plays a tee shot during the 2022 Charles Schwab Challenge

2022 Charles Schwab Challenge Kickoff times: Sunday’s Round 4 pairs


Kevin Cunningham

It’s why it wasn’t so confusing. We’ve discussed chutz-pah, so that’s not the case. A look at the stats shows he’s solid from a tee to green; If anything, it’s a little shaky on the Greens (ranked 95th in this year’s Strokes Gained: Putting), but the worst speculators have won at least once. So not this.

It’s just golf sometimes, you know.

Which is actually pretty much what happened when he is she did Winning, in the Saudi invitation, which, although not a tour event, was filled with tour stars. There, don’t you know, on the 72nd hole, he needs a shot to fall from an extra 90 feet to win, a shot over 90 feet, and he wins.

“Crazy can happen,” Varner said on Saturday. “Man. You’re sitting there—you just never know. You’ll never get out of it. Like back, thinking about it while you ask me, you’re sitting there on the 17th, I’m in the basement and I’m two cats down, I’m like, how can I relate. Just believe it You can do that – obviously anything can come in from anywhere.”

Harold Varner III celebrates

Harold Varner drowns in a ridiculous eagle game to win the Saudi International title


James Colgan

so it is who – which The last piece? We’ll find out on Sunday. Mind you, it’s a surprise now when Scheffler doesn’t win, so there you go.

But funnier things happened.

“I think for someone like me and other people, I think if you want to learn and you want to win, I think you take a little time here and there, there is nothing specific where I need to do that tomorrow,” Varner said. “I think you go play golf and do your best. What you can and enjoy. it’s a game.

“I really love competition. Like that what makes it so fun. Everyone likes, what do you love most about golf. I love, I love trying to beat others. Everyone is like, beat the course. If you only played the course, I wouldn’t play golf.”

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