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Düsseldorf, Germany – (BUSINESS WIRE) – May 30, 2022 –

European retailers are among the first users in the world Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) To reduce operational costs as a basis for retail digitization. Now at this week’s EuroCIS 2022 trade fair, a new All-Star Internet of Things platform is being launched and presented by digital solutions provider Hanshow (EuroCIS booth – 9 D13), which is poised to propel retail in Europe into a new era of efficiency and profitability.

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Smart retail store powered by Hanshow. (Photo: Business Wire)

Entering the European market in 2016, Hanshow has been a major driver of this transformation with nearly 100 million ESLs installed on the continent. This time at EuroCIS 2022, Hanshow is showcasing a range of new solutions from AI-powered shelf monitoring to self-propelled carts and in-store marketing, continually shaping the smart stores of the future.

Among the new technologies presented by Hanshow at EuroCIS is the All-Star IoT platform, which is focused on the retail industry and specifically designed to help retailers expand and modernize their digitalisation. All-Star provides end-to-end IoT solutions from IoT device management to digital process upgrades, enabling retail customers to quickly establish IoT equipment management capabilities and the ability to flexibly build business applications and integrate customized business communications to increase the efficiency of smart store operation and elevate customer in-store experience, which Main functions range from pricing management, inventory management, selection, geolocation, dynamic pricing, merchandising boards, interactive marketing, digital payment, passenger flow analysis, and automatic monitoring patrols.

Thus, the All‐Star platform serves as an integrated, all-digital device management system in the store, providing SaaS and proprietary publishing solutions, both supporting unified user authentication and integrating access to third-party applications with an open HTTP-based API. In turn, one of its main product innovations is to solve new challenges arising from the amount of IoT devices all running on different networks and communicating via different transmitting signals, where a store might require quite a few login systems with trained personnel in each. Therefore, every retail solution management platform can now be accessed through All-Star for comprehensive integration of all core business operations, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of these devices.

Along with the All-Star System, Hanshow has also developed an industry-first communication protocol that uses a single transmission frequency to communicate with all Hanshow IoT devices, relieving the burden on the pre-requisite signal frequencies range.

“Hanshow specifically developed All-Star and the rest of its solutions with global retailers in mind to achieve a more holistic form of digitization. These solutions, software and new transportation technologies combine to help Europe’s retailers transition into an exciting new era of digitization,” said Shiguo Hou. “This opens up wonderful new opportunities. We’re just seeing the beginning of what’s possible.”

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